The Insider’s Guide to Short-Term Apartment Rentals in Columbus, OH

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Rent short-term like you majored in it.

The search for short-term apartment rentals in Columbus, OH can be hard to stomach but with a little guidance, you’ll be able to find a temporary abode. Here’s your guide to short-term leases, along with pro tips so you can rent like you wrote a senior thesis on it.

What is a short-term apartment rental?

Most property owners consider a short-term apartment rental as either a month-to-month lease or any lease less than 6 months.

The upside

Short-term apartment rentals offer one major perk: flexibility. If you just need a summer place between semesters or for a short time after graduation while you job-hunt, a short-term lease allows you to figure out your plans without committing to an apartment for the long-term. Pro tip: Look for places that are already furnished so you don’t have to go through the hassle of moving all your stuff again in a month or two.

The downside

Unfortunately, short-term apartment rentals are usually expensive. Most property owners tend to look for renters who are in it for the long haul because it takes a lot of effort to turn an apartment over between tenants. If they’re willing to rent short-term, they want to make it worth their while so monthly rent can be pricey – and increase at a moment’s notice. These factors can make short-term apartment rentals harder to find and afford. Pro tip: Resort to short-term rentals only when your situation really warrants it. A longer commitment with a traditional 12-month lease can save headaches, subletting disasters, and hard earned $$$.

Where they’re at

You’ll find more short-term apartment rental options closer to OSU, where there’s a high demand. Start your search in the University District, Short North, and Italian Village, and branch out from there. Pro tip: You’re more likely to find what you need during the summer, between spring and fall semesters.

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