Self-Control Can Now Fit Right On Your Kitchen Counter!

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Time to easily lock away your greatest temptations!

The key to success in anything – whether it be school, work, relationships, health, or otherwise – is self-control. Unfortunately, willpower sometimes seems like a very limited resource.

Have that big test at the end of the week that you need to study for? Suddenly, scrolling through Instagram is the most appealing activity you can possibly think of. Need to read that really long report for the big meeting at the end of the week? Prying yourself away from your laptop becomes a challenge. Trying to eat healthier? You could eat a salad, but that oh-so-delicious-looking cookie jar beckons. These stories are familiar to just about everyone and all of these things have kept us from achieving our goals at some point or another. In an era of endless technology and stimulation, it’s just too easy to get distracted!

There are entire websites dedicated to various life hacks and techniques to enhance your self-control. Though it’s certainly something to work towards, it doesn’t always help when you need to get rid of your distraction right then and there. Luckily, some very smart fellas decided to create a simple solution.

Enter the Kitchen Safe. This handy dandy little product is the perfect way to eliminate distractions quickly and get you one step closer to achieving your goals. The Kitchen Safe looks quite simple because, well, it is! The plastic bottom looks like a normal kitchen container, but with a very distinct difference. The top contains a digital timer that is used to seal the safe for a certain amount of time, a maximum of 10 days. Once you set the timer, you cannot open it until the timer runs out.

Really though. You are completely unable to get anything out of the Kitchen Safe until the designated amount of time. There are no spare keys, no override functions. Unless you’re willing to break it, there is no getting into the safe without the timer’s consent. Even if the power dies, the lid will remain locked until the battery is replaced. What does this mean exactly? Absolutely no excuses! Also, be sure to set your time carefully.

Kitchen Safe Electronics

The Kitchen Safe even works well for electronics.

The uses for this unique product are virtually endless. Though it’s not large enough to hold a laptop or computer, placing the power cord into the safe will give you a very limited amount of time to use your electronics before the juice runs out. Then you’re at the mercy of the Kitchen Safe. The plastic container is even perfectly safe for food. It is made with special BPA plastics that won’t taint or tarnish contents.

Customers have reported using it for just about everything, from studying to working to writing to dieting. Many of them have found this product to be a great asset in helping them reduce their guilty pleasures and distracting habits. If you’re looking for a step in the right direction (towards progress!) then the Kitchen Safe would be a worthwhile buy. After all, accomplishing your goals is the key to living a happy life!



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