9 Awesome Seasonal Decorating Ideas for Apartment Dwellers

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The most wonderful time of the year is almost here! For many of us, that means decorating our homes with the colors, scents, and symbols of the holiday season. But, apartment living can make for a tough decorating task! Not wanting to damage walls, doors, and other surfaces can certainly put a damper on your decorating, but with these ideas, you’ll be ready to usher the holidays into your apartment with ease.

Use a Command Hook and Ribbon to Hang a Wreath

Instead of installing a hook on the front door of your rental apartment, use the handy dandy Command Hook! You could just put it right on the front door, but for an added dose of customization, attach it to the inside of your door in an upside-down position. Then, string a piece of ribbon around your wreath and tie the ends in a knot. Drap the ribbon over the top of your door, and snag it on the Command Hook. You won’t need nails, plus you’ll have the opportunity to use a beautiful ribbon to further accentuate your wreath.

Hang Garland Around Doorways and Mirrors

Whether or not you have the space for larger decorations, a greenery garland is a great choice for holiday apartment decorating. Purchase a few faux-pine strands and hang them around a doorway at the entrance of your apartment for a holiday vibe as soon as you step through the door. Don’t have a doorway like that? Hang it over a mirror or even your TV for the same effect! Pro tip: If you don’t mind cleaning up stray pine needles, go for a live strand! If you want to keep the clean-up to a minimum, use the same faux strands for years to come.

Create a Hanging Christmas Card Display

Missing a beautiful mantle where you can show off your prized Christmas cards in your apartment? Have no fear! A quick look at Pinterest will show you tons of great ways to DIY a hanging Christmas card display, some even using supplies you probably already have at home!

Buy a Half or Quarter Tree

Little did most of us know, you can actually purchase half or even quarter-sized Christmas trees! So if your apartment is a little short on space for a true tree, look into one of these modified versions for your home this year. After purchasing a smaller tree, get in the holiday spirit by decorating the rest of your humble abode!

Create a Two-Dimensional Christmas Tree

If even a half tree is too much for your space, explore the idea of a two-dimensional tree! There are tons of great ideas out there for a “tree” that takes up little to no space, such as hanging parallel branches in a tree shape, hanging a string of lights in a tree shape or just using ribbon to create the outline of a tree. They may not win any awards for the best tree, but when you’re short on space, they’re all great alternatives. Pro tip: Even if you have the space for a full-sized tree, adding some fun, two-dimensional versions throughout your home ensures that the holiday spirit is alive in every room!

Use Washi Tape for Easy to Remove Wall Decor

For more fun holiday decorating that requires no wall damage, look to washi tape! Available in endless colors, sizes and patterns, use your imagination to create shapes or even words on your walls! It’s super easy to put in place, to adjust if you make a mistake, and to take down quickly once the season is over. Looking for some inspiration? Try stars, a gift box, a fireplace, a reindeer or even just a tree shape!

Hang Ornaments in Your Windows

If you don’t have the capacity to hang your ornaments on a tree in your apartment, don’t let them just sit in a box! Attach a piece of ribbon to each ornament and arrange them in front of your window by taping them all up side by side. Pro tip: Cut the ribbon to different lengths for an aesthetically pleasing display and a space-saver!

Make Your Drinkware Your Decor

When it comes to decorating a small space (with, perhaps, a small budget), the best decorations are those that can do double duty. Christmas mugs are a popular tradition to give and to get, and they also make for a beautiful decoration piece. Instead of leaving them away in a cabinet during the holiday season, position them together on a nice tray or a mantle for everyone to enjoy when they come into your home. The bigger (and older) the collection, the better! There are plenty of ways to decorate the other non-entertaining areas of your home!

Don’t Forget the Mistletoe

No matter how big or small your space is, there’s always room for mistletoe! Hang a sprig from a doorway where you and your guests can easily see it to make sure it can exercise its full romantic power.

Decorating for the holiday season is, for many of us, the first demonstration that this extra special time of year is here. It’s a fun task to do with your family, and certainly shouldn’t be missed, even if you are only decking out a small space. So gather your ornaments and washi tape, and put on your favorite classic Christmas movie to set the mood, then get started decorating your space for the season right away!

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