Five Reasons You Need Professional Help During Your Next Move

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Professional Movers

It’s a DIY world, right? And you may feel that moving is one those things anyone can do because it’s just a matter of packing stuff up, loading it onto a truck, taking it off and putting it in place at your new apartment. Our advice, however, is to slow down and think about it first before you are frantically calling moving companies at the last minute to help you finish the job you shouldn’t have started. There’s no reason to wait, as you can always get a moving estimate for free and start the planning immediately. 

You need professional movers because:

You Can’t Lift It

Bench pressing 250 pounds at the gym doesn’t guarantee that you and your roommate can figure out how to move that basement fridge up the steps and out two skinny doorways. Professional movers will have seen lots of moving scenarios and can quickly devise a plan to move difficult and heavy items. Getting stuck with a sharp-edged stove staring at you in the middle of a flight of stairs isn’t a very pleasant feeling.

Disconnection Looks Complicated

While some things simply plug in, others may be connected directly to the power source. An experienced moving team will know when it’s time to call in the electrician. Sure, you can turn off circuit breakers and cut cords, but then what do you do when you want to reconnect that item?

There is an Art to Properly Packing a Cube or Truck

Those famous last words, “It ain’t goin’ anywhere,” have been uttered by many DIY movers, but when the truck or cube is opened at the end of the move, and broken chairs, desks and mirrors come tumbling out, DIY no longer looks like such a great idea — save that for HGTV. A lot of things can happen on the road, and if furniture is not tightly and almost scientifically packed, lots of damage can occur. Pro movers know how to avoid disasters, but unfortunately you don’t. And they’ll also ensure a great liability plan — a huge benefit to you.

The Tools You’ll Need

Not only do experienced movers carry the tools for disassembling items like beds and desks, they will do the work knowing they have to reassemble the items at the end of the move. Pros also have the proper hand-trucks and dollies that facilitate safety. Sure, you can get these at the truck rental place, but do you really know how to use them?

Way Less Stress

Sometimes you get what you pay for, and if you don’t want to pay for professional movers, you will create stress. You’ll have to order the truck, pick it up, guess about the supplies you’ll need, find help, live dangerously as you move large appliances up and down stairs, cringe every time you scrape a wall, hope everything fits, and try to get it all done on time. Persons that have tried a DIY move once usually swear that they will never attempt something like that again.

You can see that hiring professional movers is good idea, but this doesn’t mean you can’t make the whole process easier buy doing some preliminary boxing and organizing. You can even disconnect unpluggable appliances and have everything as ready to go as possible. By letting pros handle the big stuff like storage details and the loading up process, though, you’ll have taken positive steps to ensure a good moving experience.