What to Consider When Buying Rattan Furniture For Your Apartment

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There are lots of things to consider when buying furniture for your apartment. If you’re someone who moves around frequently, or you feel that you’ll be moving a lot in the next few years, you need to think practically. You’ll need furniture that’s sturdy enough to withstand frequent moves and at the same time versatile enough to fit into the different sizes, styles, and types of rentals.

Because of this, rattan furniture is a popular choice among renters. This kind of furniture adds a homey feel to any space while also being compact, light and easily movable. Thinking about making a purchase? Here are some considerations to make before buying furniture for your rental.

Avoid furniture with cheap frames

You’ll find lots of furniture available today that looks great on the first inspection but is actually weak and badly constructed. Poorly made furniture – or furniture with cheap frame material – may not endure moving from one place to another, or have the longevity you’re looking for. With that in mind, always ask about or research the frame material before you invest in new furniture for a rental. What often differentiates the quality of a piece of furniture or a chair or couch from another tends to be hidden beneath the fabric.

Top tip: When it comes to couches, try not to pick one with a frame constructed of particleboard, plastic, or metal. They have a tendency to warp and crack. Instead, look for furniture made with kiln-dried hardwood or engineered hardwood.

If you’re thinking ‘well made’ sounds expensive and you don’t have the budget for this, why not take a trip to a thrift store or vintage shop? You can get furniture cleaned or reupholstered if the exterior is looking slightly shabby.

Think about ease of assembly 

You may be living in a ground floor rental with a wide door now, but what if your next home is up a flight of narrow stairs?

If you think you’ll be renting for at least the next couple of years, make sure to buy furniture that can be disassembled and put back together. That being said, it’s also good to try and find pieces that don’t come with too many parts or steps – things can get easily lost in a move, especially instruction manuals or small nuts and bolts!

Again, if you’ll be moving the furniture around, it’s a good idea to check that the screws and bolts are made of high-quality material. Rattan furniture is usually compact and comes with easy assembly- plus you can store smaller pieces under larger rattan furniture to save some space.

Is the material durable? Are you able to change up the style?

Renters tend to move around a lot; one minute you may be in a modern, high-rise apartment, the next you may be in an older terrace. For this reason, it’s important to find furniture that is malleable, durable, and can fit with different styles.

Rattan furniture, for example, is easy to touch up as the years go by, as a little coat of varnish should make it look new again. You may also want to invest in pieces that you can upcycle or paint in the future, or you could put outside if you have friends over for a bbq.  The good thing about rattan furniture is that it’s weather-resistant and can withstand outdoor use. 

Low maintenance and moveable

Top tip: Buy furniture that’s easy to clean!

It sounds obvious, but certain furniture will require a quick wipe down, while others will need a professional clean. If you have kids at home, furniture that’s easy to clean is a godsend!

Similarly, consider furniture weight. Rattan furniture, for instance, is a material that is both sturdy and lightweight. So, if you need to move again in the future, you don’t have to worry about lugging it up flights of stairs. 

Storage is always a winner

This may not always be a requirement for all furniture, but furniture that offers built-in storage is really practical. After all, we all know space tends to be limited in the most expensive cities!

Have you considered the dimensions?

It sounds pretty obvious, but if you’re buying furniture online, make sure to consider the size and dimensions. Pictures on a website may not show the correct scale so it’s easy to make the mistake of thinking something is smaller or larger than it actually is. To make sure that you’re buying furniture that will fit inside your rental, check the dimensions before placing an order. 

Top tip: To ensure that the furniture you buy will fit into your room, take measurements of all the stairwells and doors it will pass through too!

Consider shapes

This is more to do with aesthetics, but when you’re buying furniture, consider varying shapes. You want to make sure that one shape doesn’t dominate the whole room. For instance, if you have a round mirror and round lampshade near the fireplace, maybe you can have a rectangular table or rug with a graphic pattern to help balance out the feel of the space. The good thing about rattan furniture is that it can come in cubes, diamonds, or circular shapes.

Final thoughts

When choosing furniture for a rental, there are many things to consider. The furniture you choose should require low maintenance without compromising on quality. Choose something that you can retouch and move easily, as well as looking great in your new rental apartment. 

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