5 Portable Gadgets You Need For Your Apartment

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Portable Tech Gadgets

On a day to day basis, we’re so involved with appliances, gadgets, and electronics. From a simple alarm to sending emails for work, electronic gadgets have crawled into every simple task of our life. Thus, without noticing these minor details, they’ve become a considerable part of our work and personal life.

Undeniably, we can’t live without some of the gadgets which continue to make our lives easier and comfortable. But, wouldn’t it be more useful if those gadgets were compact enough to carry them anywhere? 

Well, here is a list of a few portable things that you must need in your apartment to make your life easier:

Portable DJ System

You live in a small apartment, perhaps a rental in Chicago or another huge city, or perhaps, a studio apartment, but you still can’t hold back the party animal inside you? We know how much space a DJ system can occupy and that just takes the fun out of the perspective. To save some space and money, you can buy a portable DJ rig that can allow you to turn into an Instant DJ and turn your turntables anytime and anywhere.

A portable DJ system doesn’t require a laptop, AC plug-in, or an adaptor. Let go of the past, and enter the future. Just a small system in your hand and you are ready to lead the party wherever you go. Simply put, it’s a full-fledged music studio just right in your pocket!

Portable Mini Fridge

Think back to the good old days where appliances were the size of a car. Well, not that long but it was simply impossible to carry these hefty appliances along for a trip. Rewind back to the future, and now, it is easier than you think. What is the one appliance that we’d all wish was with us forever? A fridge! 

You have always wished for a mini portable fridge to avoid leaving the room late at night to grab drinks or to get cold drinks when you’re out and about having a picnic with your family. This fridge comes with cooling as well as warming properties, so if you are a coffee freak, you can also take this fridge home.

In addition to that, this fridge is also gaining some spotlight in the beauty industry. There are many skincare and makeup products that need to be placed in the refrigerator. This fridge can easily fit in your makeup table and keep your products away from the summer heat.

So, there’s no denying that fridges are the most loved appliance and a fridge that’s light and portable would definitely be amazing. We think it’s time to make some space for these mini fridges!

Portable Projector Screen

Want to watch a cute movie with your partner, or host a watching party with your buds? But, something doesn’t feel right; the small screen. Well, say hello to portable projectors, here to help you host the night of your life!

A projector makes the movie experience more cinematic, and there are tons of best projectors under $1000 available online and in stores; however, they occupy space and are heavy on the pocket.

A portable projector is small and compact enough to take them outdoors with ease. Maybe out in the garden with ample space for everyone? It’s all possible.

If you get overwhelmed with cluttering, a wired project might not be your first preference. It comes with the hassles of setting up and connecting issues. However, a portable projector saves you some time because they don’t need to be connected and disconnected through multiple wires.

Portable Washing Machine

Living in studio apartments and no room for a washing machine? A mini washing machine can save you some space as well as your time if you are washing without a machine.

It is one of the necessary chores to wash your clothes squeaky clean, but it can also consume your whole weekend. Well, a portable washing machine can fit in any corner of your home without disturbing the aesthetics while it can be an easy appliance to throw a few clothes in the machine for a quick wash.

Portable Speaker (Of Course!)

When you hear the word “speaker,” you must always synonym it with an old big, outdated box of noise. Now with the advancement of technology, the speaker industry has also evolved dramatically. 

 You can find speakers of any size; they can range from as small as an apple to as big as to fit in your car dunk.

A portable mini speaker can rest on your shelf and make your gloomy days happier with some rock songs. Be it a party or you want to listen to a podcast while cooking, a small speaker is more than enough to lit an apartment.