How to Personalize an Apartment You Do Not Own

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If you’re a millennial renter or a renter of any age, you’re inevitably going to face one poignant question: how do you make an apartment that you rent feel like it’s actually your home? You want the interior to represent who you are. You want its comforts to reflect your own personal needs.

But you’re not allowed to make permanent changes, and you probably don’t want to sink money into something you never intend to own.

While some may be tempted to say that, since it’s only temporary, you may as well leave it as is, your present reality is all that is real right now. Do you really want to live with the future always in mind?

The good news is that you can do some DIY projects that are cost-effective and don’t require you to make any permanent changes. Here are some ideas as to how to personalize an apartment you don’t own.

Spend on Statement Pieces (that will last)

Since you’re not planning on staying for more than a couple of years, it’s not a good idea to furnish your apartment with expensive furniture.

After all, you can’t know the dimensions of your future home, and chances are you’ll have to sell or give much of your furniture away. 

However, you can personalize your furniture with one or two statement pieces.

A statement piece is something that your eyes are drawn to immediately. You see it and think “I want that”, without obsessing about where to put it. It’s a piece that doesn’t need to fit seamlessly into your interior design, as it should always make a statement.

These pieces you are likely to carry with you wherever you go. They bring your interiors to life, even if everything around them is temporary.


Another cost-effective way of personalizing your rented apartment is by upcycling items you already own. Many people discard or give away old pieces of furniture, clothing, and crockery.

However, if you have a creative eye, you can turn these relics into something that instantly brightens your apartment.

Revitalize your kitchen with colorful storage containers. Create decorations for your walls with material from old curtains, clothes, and wood furniture. Upcycling is the ultimate form of DIY. It gives you the opportunity to create something that is totally you, without having to spend.

Find Quality Wallpaper

Wallpaper is one of the easiest ways to make temporary changes to your home. It’s cheap, and anyone can do it themselves. The problem is that many wallpaper designs just end up looking cheap. However, this does not have to be the case. If you are willing to spend a little more and know what to avoid, you can use wallpaper to really level up your interior design.

One general rule is to avoid wallpaper that tries to look like something else.

We’re talking brick or wood designs. These designs just bring attention to how obviously your walls are not brick or wood. Instead, find a beautiful, classy pattern that fits into the color palette you’ve chosen. This way, your walls look modern and elegant and bring the whole interior together.

A rented apartment does not need to be bland, even if you can’t make permanent design choices. Simply use the above hacks and personalize what will be your home for the next couple of years.

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