Top Tips to Design the Perfect Bedroom Lighting

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Perfect Bedroom Lighting

Finding the perfect rental apartment isn’t easy, but when you finally pick up your keys you can start to enjoy the fruits of your labor. It’s time to create the perfect home. The design and layout of your new apartment will heavily influence the overall ambiance. So think ahead of what the desired outcome is before you get started on the decor.

It’s wise to consider the specific layout of the space, the flow of natural night and the function of each room before investing in those key pieces that will transform the space into your own.

We all know the downsides to renting, but for many of us, there are just no other options. Hefty rents, for often small spaces where we are restricted with what we can do in terms of design. But it’s not all doom and gloom, living in a rental apartment has the benefits of reduced responsibility when it comes to repairs and bills for huge structural changes.

Nevertheless, there are many ways that we can incorporate key pieces to a rental apartment that makes the space unique to us. The more obvious focus areas are furniture, colors and interior accessories like mats, curtains, and cushions to inject our individuality into our new space.

Often overlooked, is the power of lighting. The perfect atmosphere and can be created for each specific room with lighting. So whether you are incorporating focal lighting in a kitchen to increase functionality, chandeliers in the living room to compliment the overall design of the room, or introducing a relaxing lighting atmosphere in the lounge, there are some key considerations that should not be ignored.

Here we’ve put together our top tips for the perfect bedroom lighting. There is more to bedroom lighting than bedside lamps. A combination of different light sources will have a huge impact on the overall feel, and create the perfect relaxing atmosphere.

Central Light: Ceiling fan with bowl covered bulb

Keeping cool on a warm summer’s night is an essential consideration for any bedroom. The soft breeze created by a ceiling fan is perfect coupled with a bowl-covered bulb. This combination of a soft light & breeze to maintain the ideal temperature while also providing enough light for a functional space. Just don’t forget the remote control for your ceiling fan!

Install Reading Lights

No bedroom is complete with reading lights conveniently installed above each side of the bed. Read at your leisure without disturbing any sleeping companions.

Pendant Lights

Pendant lights are stylish and space saving. They are the perfect lighting addition in particular to any small bedrooms. Pendant lights are downlights, perfect for task lighting while creating a relaxing ambient at the same time. In a bedroom you can use them over a dresser, writing desk or two handing on each side of the bed over the bedside tables.

Panel Lighting

Indirect lighting adds a striking decorative feature to any bedroom. Whether you opt for a lighting string along the ceiling or projecting light from a panel behind the bed or around a mirror. It’s a fantastic way to add another layer of lighting to a bedroom, which is less intense and ideal for building the perfect sleeping ambiance.

Decorative Lamps

Play around with shadows by installing some decorative lamps around the room. Depending on the materials used, or the light flow, lamps whether floor lamps or table lamps are a great way of fully utilizing the power of lighting alongside shadows. Lamp shades play a huge role in how the light reflects. Bamboo lamps are a great example of how light can be reflected on the walls around them, simply by the material they are made from!

Install Dimmers

Finish it all off by installing light dimmers to give further control over the precise level of lighting in the room.

By incorporating these tips to the design of your bedroom, you can guarantee many peaceful nights sleep and wake up feeling refreshed every morning. Finish the bedroom decor with the perfect bed. Ricki Joshi, CEO & Founder at Saatva says that “many may not consider bedding as part of an ideal sleep environment, but having a firm mattress and clean sheets can make a lackluster sleep incredibly rewarding. Aim for a mattress that isn’t too firm in order to preserve spinal health and keep your joints well-supported”

The ideal bed and maximizing the use of several different types of lighting quickly improves the comfort and ability to illuminate the bedroom for any activity.