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Largest Cities in Pennsylvania

Renters can find terrific apartments at affordable rates in many of Pennsylvania’s largest cities. Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, and Allentown are the largest of the state’s urban centers. Each of these cities – like many communities in PA – offers great rentals next to many points of interest.

Other Large Cities in Pennsylvania

Plenty of the smaller urban communities in Pennsylvania include outstanding rental housing opportunities for the interested apartment searcher. Cities like Harrisburg and State College have apartments that can suit a variety of needs, while places like Havertown also offer fine rentals.

Information about Pennsylvania

Whether your tastes click with the metropolitan lifestyle of Philadelphia or you’d feel more at home in a medium to smaller size community, Pennsylvania has a plethora of housing options. From charming rentals near inland foothills to a suburban getaway, eager apartment shoppers don’t have to look far to obtain excellent rental listings.

The Quaker State, as Pennsylvania sometimes is called, is home to slightly more than 12.6 million people, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Significant centers of population are in the eastern and western parts of the state, representing the Philadelphia and Pittsburgh metro areas. The interior has far fewer residents than these two major cities, but renters have found wonderful apartments across the entire state. The state economy has significant manufacturing, finance, and real estate and rental and leasing sectors, to name a few. There also are top ranked colleges and universities in the state, including University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia.

Looking for something to do in Pennsylvania? There are numerous places throughout the state where residents can grab a bite to eat or take off on a shopping excursion. In Philadelphia, there’s the Franklin Mills Mall and Lancaster also outlet shopping. People looking for an outdoor experience can explore the Allegheny National Forest. This protected land area offers abundant wildlife and beautiful scenery for many to enjoy. And, if you’re looking for a historic or cultural experience, Pennsylvania Dutch Country is one such destination where visitors can get to know the Amish way of life.