Apartment Cleaning Tips

Quick Cleaning Tricks To Start Your Spring Cleaning

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With the cold weather coming to an end (hopefully) and the sun shining through your windows, it can only mean one thing. Springtime is finally here! The winter is behind us, and for most people this is the time to have a good clear out of your home, ready for the summer. If the thought […]

renters insurance comparison

Renters Insurance Comparison: Your Favorite Midwest Cities

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Are you making the move to an apartment in one of the midwestern cities of Chicago, Milwaukee, Madison or Minneapolis? There are likely a lot of things going through your mind, but be sure to include renters insurance in your considerations. Renters insurance is helpful, especially in cities like these, to protect your personal belongings […]

Soundproofing Your Apartment

How To Soundproof An Apartment

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Often times, renters avoid apartments and duplexes because they fear a shared wall (or they have terrible roommate experiences). Not only can you hear the neighbors, but they can hear you. Before ruling out these accommodations, read our guide on soundproofing an apartment. Windows Every home has windows, and glass does a poor job at […]

Smart Home Technology

The Smartest Smart Tech for Apartment Dwellers

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If you have just moved into a new apartment or have found the perfect place and are about to move in, the next step for many is to make that space really feel like home. Simple touches like hanging up family photos, adding carpet and curtains, and more can really make a space feel like […]

Perfect Bedroom Lighting

Top Tips to Design the Perfect Bedroom Lighting

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Finding the perfect rental apartment isn’t easy, but when you finally pick up your keys you can start to enjoy the fruits of your labor. It’s time to create the perfect home. The design and layout of your new apartment will heavily influence the overall ambiance. So think ahead of what the desired outcome is […]