Houses for rent provide many freedoms apartments don't

Why Should Real Estate Websites Care About Localization?

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As a real estate agency or an independent broker, your main goal is to lure in as many customers to your properties that you can. But sometimes it becomes hard to find the right customers regardless of the property, apartments, or any vacant spaces that you may have. Experts say that there is about a […]

Moving In: Basic Security Checklist (2019 Updates)

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You’re moving in to your new home and you couldn’t be happier. This is an exciting time, but you also need to take special care to manage your home security. With so much to keep track of when you’re moving, it’s easy to forget some of the basics of home security along the way.  There […]

July 2019 Rent Report

[National Report] Weakness In One-Bedroom Units; Two-Bedrooms Rising

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For the first time this year, we are seeing a bit of July weakness in one-bedroom apartment units while two-bedroom units continued their steady increase. As we will analyze later in greater detail, our top ten decreasers in both one and two-bedrooms are showing a decelerating trend at sometimes almost twice the accelerating rate of […]

new parent apartment

4 Pieces of Apartment Furniture Parents-to-Be Need to Invest in

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All new parents can agree that parenting is hard work. In between feeding and reading nursery rhymes, you’re having to coordinate doctors appointments. And then there are all the things you need to do before you’ve even welcomed your bundle of joy into your lives. There are some essential tasks that need handling that may […]