4 Expert Tips on Decorating Your Bedroom

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Thinking of completely revamping your home, or just want to conduct a bit of a design facelift? We don’t blame you – after you’ve been living in the same house or apartment for years, things can get a bit, ah, dull. The best room to start is your bedroom. After all, when you spend 1/3 […]

Cat Proof Apartment

4 Tips for Cat-Proofing Your New Apartment

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Moving into a new apartment is an occasion that’s filled with lots of excitement — and a lot of stress. In between buying new furniture and unpacking, if you have a feline in tow you will also have to come up with a comprehensive plan to cat-proof your apartment. Cat-proofing your apartment is vital for […]

Landlord Tenant Scams

14 Tips for Landlords to Avoid the Most Common Renter Scams

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To lease a property is tricky and there is always a risk. The biggest threat comes from choosing the wrong renter and it’s up to none other than you to spot the difference between a conscientious tenant and a potential renter scam. Tough renters might try to rip landlords off throughout each and all stages […]