The Ultimate Guide to Making Your Rented Apartment Kid-Friendly

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Whether rented or owned, your apartment is the first place your little ones explore. As you make happy memories with your tots, the last thing you want for them is to suffer injuries due to an unsafe home environment. However, if you live in rented accommodation, it can be challenging to baby proof your abode. […]

Services To Help College Students Succeed

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Every year, more than a thousand students, all over the globe, migrate to a different country in search of better educational prospects. For this reason, the ethnic composition of the student crowd at any university is quite diverse. It is worthy of noticing just how exactly these students manage their monthly expenditure while they stay […]

April Rent Report

[National Report] Rising 2019 Rent Trend is a Reality

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We predicted moderate rent increases for April, and that trend is still evident. It is interesting to note, however, that these rising apartment rental rates are still at the  top of our guidance ranges. Cities with top ten rent one-bedroom increases charged ahead at almost double the percentage moves of the top ten municipalities with […]

How to Make an Apartment Feel Like Home After Moving In

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Moving is never easy, especially considering the amount of stress that usually follows the actual search for the new place and the packing itself. However, even something as stressful as moving offers the possibility to turn all that negative stress into the positive one, the so-called eustress. Basically, once all the more tedious work is […]

Having a roommate you can trust in your first college apartment can keep costs down,

7 Reasons to Move into Your Own Apartment in College

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One of the major gripes students around the country face each year comes when the moving time approaches. Leaving your family home can sometimes be hard. However, in order to deal with it, you should look into the future. There are so many opportunities that will come your way as you trod a path through […]