cross country moving

How to Cut the Stress Out of Cross-Country Moving

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Any long distance move is set to have its share of frustrations, especially when moving cross-country. The obstacles and frustrations that come in hand with a lengthy move like this cause both emotional and financial stress on a level few other life events can. Though most renters are moving cross country to create an exciting […]

June 2019 Rent Report

[National Report] One-Bedroom Rents Are Still Steadily Rising

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Both one and two-bedroom units are movin’ on up with two-bedroom units rising by over 2 percent in June. Let’s get into it and discuss this accelerating nationwide trend. 1-Bedroom Apartments One-bedroom apartments have increased a full 5.02 percent since January, and the median national one-bedroom rent now stands at $1,087, a one and one-quarter […]

Know your chicago tenant rights

8 Cities Where You Can Live Without a Car

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If you’ve started an apartment search online, you’ll notice plenty of information about selected properties — often including a location’s rated walkability. Places with high walk scores and quality public modes of transportation mean never having to make a monthly car payment or afford pricey vehicle repairs. Who really enjoys sitting in traffic when they […]

Moving Scams

How To (Actually) Make Moving Stress Free [2019 Updates]

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Whether you’re moving out of a place that you’ve been living in for six months or 20 years, upending everything to relocate can be an incredibly stressful experience, especially in the 2019 age of information. But it doesn’t need to be. There is plenty you can do to help make the process as seamless and […]

Dorm decor can make all the difference

4 Items That Will Make Your New Dorm Feel Like a Mansion

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Moving into a new dorm can be an incredibly exciting event. Not only will you have newfound freedom, but you’ll also be able to decorate it in any way you wish! Well, so long as everything fits in the relatively small space which will become your new home…and you can afford to buy new items […]