College Self Storage

Do You Need College Self Storage?

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For many, college is the first step toward independence. You live on your schedule and in your space. However, that independence comes with some realities: you realize how quickly your time and space can be filled And while we have little control over your time, we at and ABODO can help you with your […]

extra room ideas

Extra Room in Your Apartment: How About These Ideas?

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A lot of apartments have some sort of bonus space. And a lot of renters have questions while looking for extra room ideas. It isn’t quite a bedroom, not really an office, and definitely not a living room. It could be in the basement, or maybe the attic as well (if you’re renting a single […]

Renting Month to Month After Lease Ends: Should You Do It?

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There are two options that a tenant and landlord can choose between when the rental lease term approaches a close: renewing the lease or entering a month-to-month agreement. So, what do you do? Sign it? Ask your parents? Look for a new place? Well, signing a new lease for a year or renting month to […]

Renters Insurance Companies

New-Age Renters Insurance Companies Every Millennial Should Know

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Finding and moving into an apartment is an exciting time, but it comes with a lot of new responsibility — one of those responsibilities being renters insurance. You may be thinking, “Doesn’t my landlord have insurance that covers me?” It’s a common misconception when renting. While you aren’t legally required to buy renters insurance (some […]