Paying Rent

How to Make Extra Money This Summer to Put Toward Your Rent

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Rent is no one’s favorite monthly expense — and over the summer, paying rent can be even more annoying. Maybe you’re a college student headed home for break, desperately (but unsuccessfully) seeking a subletter. Or maybe graduation is growing distant in the rearview, but you’re still looking forward to a jam-packed itinerary of epic summer […]

Chicago Neighborhoods: What Can You Afford?

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When you are looking for an apartment to rent in Chicago, the monthly rent you are expected to pay is one of the most important factors in your decision. Chicago is one of the most enjoyable cities in America with endless things to do, but when living there, other important factors include access to transportation, […]

Signing Your Lease

Six Questions To Ask Before Signing A Lease

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Your meetings with a possible future landlord are decisive for two major reasons: firstly, this is the perfect opportunity to see how responsive and friendly or, on the contrary, how disengaged and unhelpful they seem in your presence. Their behavior during your first interactions might speak volumes about their personality and might therefore give you […]

3 Key Tips To Work Better With Your Movers

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Moving can be a very exciting experience — it offers the chance to start fresh in a new apartment or neighborhood. Less exciting, however, is the actual process of moving your belongings to a new place. Even after hiring professional help to ease the potential headaches, you may still find yourself encountering hassles. Some dismayed […]