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TThe market for rental properties is extensive in some of Oregon’s largest cities. In the largest urban centers such as Portland Eugene, and Salem, people have had access to apartments that have suited a varied selection of tastes. Portland has great housing prospects at a range of rates.

Other Large Cities in Oregon

Some renters not only feel that smaller cities can be easier to navigate, but also are nice places to find a reasonably priced apartment. Milwaukie, Tigard, and Oregon City are some of the smaller urban centers of Oregon where rental properties of varying dimensions and prices are located.

Information about Oregon

With your search for an apartment underway, you can use ABODO to check out listings for excellent rental properties all throughout Oregon. From Oregon’s coastal communities to the state’s mountainous and densely forested inlands, Oregon has a wealth of locations in which apartment hunters can find great deals and the right accommodations.

This picturesque state in the Pacific Northwest has one of the top ten largest land areas out of all 50 states. However, with an estimated population of about 3.8 million people, Oregon falls in the middle of state ranks for overall population. Approximately 2.2 million of the state’s inhabitants live in the Portland metro area, which is a bustling hub of commerce and activity. The state economy is rather diverse, and some of its key industries include: forest and woods products, technology, and advanced manufacturing.

Oregon is a great place to enjoy leisurely activities or find outdoor adventures. In cities like Portland, residents can take pleasure in the arts and entertainment of this active community’s nightlife. People in the city can watch a Portland Trail Blazers professional basketball game or go out and enjoy fine dining and excellent shopping. In Oregon, a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts is Crater Lake National Park. In this protected area, visitors can enjoy scenic highways or hiking adventures. Regardless of where you make your home in Oregon, the state offers a wide array of attractions and activities for its inhabitants.