Moving to a New City? Bridge the Employment Gap with On-Demand Jobs

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Many families find themselves uprooting their lives to start fresh in a new city. Whether you’re planning a big move because your significant other has been relocated in their existing job or they’re taking advantage of a new opportunity, or you’re simply looking for a fresh start or a new experience, moving to a new city often means you’ll be on the hunt for a new job. To start, you can follow a new city checklist to make sure everything is on schedule for the move.

What about the job, though?

According to See Resumes, career and job hunt experts, “job hunting could mean spending 3-4 months working through the interview process; it’s not always an overnight success.” So what to do in the meantime? While you’re juggling interviews and the process of moving your family and your belongings to a new home, joining the on-demand workforce provides the perfect opportunity to make ends meet during these periods of transition. Here’s a look at how on-demand jobs can help you bridge the employment gap while you’re navigating a move.

You Can Work When You Want

On-demand jobs are ideal for workers who need greater control over their work schedule, as they allow you to choose when and where you work. Have an appointment with the realtor? Rather than having to ask your boss for yet another day off, you can simply not accept any shifts or work opportunities during times when you’re otherwise committed.

You’re Not Limited to One Location

While some on-demand jobs allow you to work remotely, even on-site gigs can be convenient in terms of location. For instance, if you’ve already left your full-time job in order to plan your family’s move, you can pick up on-demand work in your hometown and easily transition to opportunities in your new area after your move.

You Get to Avoid the Hassle of Interviewing

Job hunting is a rigorous process, and often, you’re asked to return for two or more interviews with various company representatives before you’re offered a job — and when you don’t land the job, it feels like a frustrating waste of time. Fortunately, many on-demand platforms alleviate the burden of interviewing and hiring processes by pre-screening workers and allowing them to accept jobs that they’re qualified for without submitting applications and interviewing for every opportunity.

You’ll Be Less Stressed

Because you have control over your schedule, you can more easily juggle the demands of moving while still earning money to make ends meet. Eliminating the burden of having to punch a clock every day and find the time to get everything done that must be done before moving day means there’s a huge weight off of your shoulders — and knowing that you’re earning money eases the financial stress of the big move, too. In fact, Intuit reports that 67% of people are satisfied with their on-demand work, and 38% of those working in the gig economy say they’re better off.

The gig economy is steaming along at full speed ahead, and the need for on-demand workers is growing across the U.S., especially in cities like Denver and Austin, two of the top 10 cities for gig economy workers. And that means ample opportunity for anyone who wants to reap the benefits, whether because you’re making a cross-country move and need a practical way to continue earning a living during the transition or you’re simply tired of the 9-to-5 and craving more variety, flexibility, and control over your lifestyle.

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