Largest Cities in North Dakota

Fargo is the biggest city in North Dakota. This urban community, which is home to almost 100,000 people, offers a number of reasonably priced apartments. The cities of Grand Forks and Bismarck both have great rental opportunities, as well. Bismarck is North Dakota’s state capital.

Information about North Dakota

Located in the northern region of the Midwest, North Dakota has a vast landscape that’s peppered with great communities that have fine apartments. Whether you intend to move to North Dakota or happen to be looking for a change within the state, a rental property might be what you need.

Overall, North Dakota is one of the most sparsely populated states in the nation. Its total statewide populous is estimated to be slightly more than 646,000 people, with about 200,000 of those people living in Fargo’s metropolitan area. Almost 25 percent of North Dakota’s people are employed in production agriculture or agriculture-related industries, according to the state Department of Agriculture. North Dakota is one of the nation’s top producers of crops like flaxseed, canola and lentils, the department says. The state also has a major oil and gas industry that has significantly contributed to its economy.

The state of North Dakota also offers plenty of wonderful attractions, events, and recreational activities to its residents and guests alike. In Minot, the annual North Dakota State Fair is a well-attended celebration where people can enjoy the foods, arts, music, and culture of this Great Plains state. If you want to enjoy the outdoors at a leisurely pace, then perhaps you’d enjoy taking a swing at one of North Dakota’s many beautiful golf courses. Outdoor adventurers can go on treks in many of the state’s protected lands, as well. North Dakota is home to the Theodore Roosevelt National Park and the Little Missouri State Park.