5 Popular New York City Neighborhoods in Downtown Manhattan

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New York City is comprised of the five boroughs: Manhattan, Queens, The Bronx, Brooklyn, Staten Island, and is divided into 59 community districts. In all the boroughs, there are numerous distinct neighborhoods, with a rich history and their own unique character. It’s not an exaggeration —if the NYC boroughs were independent, each would have ranked among the 50 most populous cities in the United States.

In the following content, we will be looking at some of the most popular neighborhoods in Downtown, Manhattan. If you are looking to rent luxury apartments in NYCespecially Downtown, you should consider them.

Greenwich Village

Leaving the formal grid structure that dominates the city north of 14th Street and wandering the streets of Greenwich Village creates the impression of having escaped the metropolis for the charms of a small European city. Greenwich Village offers a great respite from the urban chaos with its calmer, more manageable feel. Its lower buildings allow more sunshine to reach the streets. Greenwich Village is widely known as a center bohemian and places popular for great artists, political radicals, as well as people who challenged the reigning orthodoxies of their era. Though the neighborhood lies in the heart of lower Manhattan, visitors will notice a difference in the layouts of the streets in the village compared with the rest of Manhattan because unlike most of the streets in the rest of Manhattan that is identified by numbers or letters, many streets in Greenwich Village are named.


SoHo meaning South of Houston Street is a neighborhood in lower Manhattan known for loft spaces, art galleries, and more recently, some of the best shopping in all of New York City. One of the popular neighborhoods for luxury apartments for rent in NYC, SoHo is bound by Houston Street to the north, Lafayette Street to the east, Canal Street to the south, and 6th Avenue to the West. SoHo is known across the globe for its cast-iron architecture. The neighborhood’s historic roots state to the mid-19th century when cast iron was discovered. Around 250 cast-iron buildings stand in NYC and most of them are in SoHo. SoHo has been home to some of the most sought-after loft spaces for both residency and business. This area has become a haven for those looking to spend a day shopping and wearing the latest looks in New York City plenty of food and drink options make their home in Soho.


Though not as popular as many other neighborhoods in Manhattan, NoHo is one of the most interesting districts in the heart of downtown. NoHo stands for North of Houston Street for many years, it was the forgotten stepsister of SoHo even though both had a similar identity — a cast-iron architecture, large umbrella lofts, and great backdrops. The buildings are just eight stories high, allowing the Sun to naturally enlighten the cozy tree-lined streets. Brand new developments are popping up in NoHo from sleek high-rises to completely renovated 19th-century industrial buildings transforming to glossy luxurious residences, increasing the demand for apartments for rent here. NoHo combines old and new architecture, small galleries in the stores and chic boutiques — a perfect mix of upscale but not pretentious restaurants, cafes theaters, nightlife, sports, and pubs.

Little Italy

Once a sprawling home of much of New York City’s Italian population, Little Italy has become more of a tourist destination than a residential neighborhood in recent years and now occupies little more than a few blocks of Mulberry Street in lower Manhattan. Generations of Italian Americans made their homes in this neighborhood for over a century. When you walk beside the narrow cobblestone streets of this neighborhood, beneath turn-of-the-century tenements’ fire escapes, you are tempted by the smells of Italian cuisine, the beautiful sights, and culture emanating from the nightlife and shops lining the streets.

China Town

Chinatown in New York City is one of the most tightly-packed yet sprawling neighborhoods which continue to expand rapidly. It is the most popular Chinatown in all of the US as well as the site of a large Chinese population—in the west. This colorful and vibrant area of the city is both a tourist destination and home of the majority of Chinese people living in New York. To visitors and residents alike, Chinatown offers instant access to numerous restaurants, booming fish markets, and shops full of snacks and sweets on streets.

Manhattan is the most popular borough in the city of New York and the neighborhoods here offering luxury apartments for rent are some of the best in the entire state and the United States. If you are looking for top-quality rentals, there are online marketplaces allowing accommodation seekers to book their fully furnished apartment in Manhattan with ease, that you can visit and make move-in quick and convenient.

Good luck on your New York City apartment search!

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