5 Ways to Boost Your Income After Moving

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You might be surprised at how much it costs to relocate. Between paying for movers (which averages $1,000 per room), putting down the security on your new apartment, and getting takeout meals while your pots and pans are packed, you’re looking at thousands of dollars spent on moving. Whether you’ve arrived in town without a permanent job or you are just having thoughts about how to make money temporarily, here are some ways you can make some cash to balance out some of your recent expenditures.

#1 Look for a Local Part-Time Job

While you probably don’t want to make a career out of part-time work, you can probably get a job pretty quickly if you show up to apply at a pizza place, the food court at the local mall, or a grocery store. If you’re currently working, you’ll need to arrange your side-job schedule around your day-job schedule, of course. And if you’re not currently working, you can pick up whatever shifts you can with the understanding that you’ll need to cut back once you do score a permanent position.

A benefit to finding a local part-time job is that you’ll be likely to meet some new people, which can be great when you are new to town. Strike up conversations with your coworkers and make some friends. These relationships might last even longer than the job, so don’t be shy.

#2 Find an At-Home Side Hustle

Once you get your Internet hooked up in your new apartment, you will be all set to go if you want to make money from home using your computer. Becoming a blogger, a virtual assistant, or a web designer are just a few of the side gigs recommended on Wonolo. You can make $20 or more per hour, which means you can turn these gigs into a full-time career if you are able to build up your business. You can also use your mobile phone and download money making apps that really pay you.

One benefit is that you never have to change out of your pajama pants to do these jobs, but the drawback is, well, that you never have to change out of your pajama pants. If you do take on an at-home side job, be sure you’re getting out of your apartment regularly to enjoy activities that the outside world has to offer.

#3 Negotiate Well When You Are Offered a Job

If you came to town without a job, you have the opportunity to negotiate for a higher starting salary when you do find one. Remember that the higher your salary starts out, the higher it will be in two, five, and ten years. Know what the position is worth, know your bottom line, and don’t get too cocky, recommends Nerdwallet.

It’s important to remember that even though boosting your income is your goal, less tangible benefits like more vacation time, the opportunity to work from home, or a gym membership can be just as valuable as a higher starting wage. So keep your options and your mind open.

#4 Sell Your Extra Stuff

Although you likely purged lots of junk before you left your old town, chances are good that once you moved into your new apartment, you found that you had actually taken many items that you don’t need. It’s hard to determine what you’ll want and need in a new place until you actually move in.

Wait a few weeks until everything is put away, then look for a community sale that you can join. Maybe your apartment complex is planning to have one or maybe you can sell you things at a local church rummage sale or some other community event. Another option is to sell it any time on Craigslist, eBay, or an app like LetGo or OfferUp.

This might be a little slower than how you make money online fast, but it still works!

#5 Cut Your Expenses

All right, this one is not really about boosting your income but it does result in making the income you have go farther. Take a look at what you’re spending money on and create a budget designed to minimize expenses. You could do this long term or make it temporary; maybe a one-month challenge will allow you to save up enough to cover part of what you spent in movers’ fees.

A few categories you might be able to save money in include eating out, cable (if it’s not included with your rent), entertainment, work lunches (try bringing leftovers or a sandwich rather than hitting up the cafeteria or the vending machine), and general shopping. Here are some ways you might be able to save.

In time, your new apartment and your new city will feel like home and you’ll be bringing in an income that will meet your needs and some of your wants. Until then, though, do what you can to increase your monthly take-home pay by getting creative and thinking outside the box.

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