Life on the Random Side

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Author Lucas D. and his “random” roommate Andrew C.

I should preface this article by saying- I absolutely love my roommate; he has been my best friend since high school and has been a great roommate. I really could not see myself living with anyone else. That being said, he can be exhausting sometimes. Not in the good way either. He can be exhausting in the sense that I sometimes feel like I need to take a nap to be able to deal with him. Allow me to explain.

My roommate seems to lack any kind of general foresight. At times this can be endearing, but is generally annoying. For instance, he once tried to make Kraft microwave Mac & Cheese, but forgot to put water in the cup. This caused the cup to melt and plastic-smelling smoke to billow out of our microwave. This resulted in both our dorm room and our clothes smelling of melted plastic for about two weeks. That was less than fun.

Another instance of my roommate’s random tendencies is when he thought liquid dish soap would be a good substitute for dishwasher detergent. Short answer, it is not a good substitute. It is a horrible substitute. His actions resulted in a cascade of soap bubbles pouring out of our dishwasher and onto the wooden floor below. It took half a dozen dishrags to clean up the pool of soap and then we had to run the dishwasher twice more to get rid of all of the foam in the dishwasher. (Hey Dawn, I’ve got a great idea for a commercial here). That’s not exactly a fun thing to deal with on your third day in a new apartment.

Having a random roommate isn’t always bad though, mostly because he is generally up for whatever random thing I want to do, and I have plenty of random stuff I want to do. Last year the two of us decided that we were going to turn our dorm room into a fort. We had this idea within the first week of Fall semester, and once finals week of Spring semester came around we put our plan into action. We took all of our bed sheets and blankets, draped them over our lofted beds and built the best dorm room fort ever: Fort Kick-Ass. It was magical. (Next level: Tree House Masters) We were the coolest people on our floor for the rest of the semester and we both did exceedingly well on all of our finals. Now that I think about it, Fort Kick-Ass was probably one of the highlights of my previous year in college.

All in all, I love my roommate. Well, I love him the majority of the time. Sometimes he is an unbearable thorn in my side. Then again, I’m sure he feels the same way about me more often than he’d care to admit. So at the end of the day it all evens out. My god, we’re like an old married couple. Ah well, so be it.


Contributed by Lucas Deruyter.

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