Ultimate Moving Checklist for College Students

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Ok, so moving is stressful. Especially, if you’re a college student.

Moving out of your last place for summer break. Moving in to your new place just a few months later. Turning utilities on and off. Packing important documents so you can find them later. Filing change of address forms. Convincing your buddies to help you move.

It’s enough to make you want to give up and just live in a van by river. But don’t give up just yet. After all, having running water and a toilet might be helping your social life more than you know.

All you need is a good checklist and a good plan. That’s why we scoured the web and talked to some of NASA’s smartest rocket scientists, so we could bring you ABODO’s Ultimate Moving Checklist!

Our checklist covers everything you’ll need to know, starting 3 months before you make your move all the way to the big move-in day. What you’ll need. How to pack. What you should keep and what you just might want to ditch. We’ve got you covered. Download and print this checklist or save it to your phone, so you can keep it handy while your moving.

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