Coffee Lovers Rejoice! Make an Espresso Shot on the Go!

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MiniPresso CupAre you a busy coffee addict that doesn’t have time to grab a cup from the machine or nearby coffee shop between classes? Do you live in a tiny apartment and want to have an espresso maker that doesn’t overtake your kitchen counter? Regardless of your situation, consider ordering Wacaco’s MiniPresso, a nifty device that allows you to make your 5-star espresso shots! It may sound too good to be true, but if humankind can send a man to the moon, then they can make a perfectly mobile espresso maker too!

The MiniPresso is incredibly compact, just small enough to slide into a backpack or fit it in your hand on the go. It’s also light, making it easy for hand-carry. All of the components of the espresso machine are stacked neatly together for optimum space save-age, including a built-in drinking cup! Simply place some hot water and Wacaco’s special coffee cups or grounds into the MiniPresso, then extract the espresso out of the coffee grounds from the side pump. Each use of the MiniPresso produces a generous 1.7 ounces of espresso.

Minipresso Pouring Espresso CupThe MiniPresso offers a quick and easy way to produce amazing shots without all the noise, fuss, or time. You can even add all the essential components in before running out the door and then pour out your shot right before class or before you get into the swing of things at work. Wacaco’s website boasts that it takes less time to make a shot of espresso than it does to inflate a bike tire. Talk about quick and convenient!

In addition to convenience, the MiniPresso also boasts safe, durable materials that promise long life and a healthy product. This unique little machine is a must-have for any espresso addict that’s constantly on-the-go or loves to travel!

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Photo Credits: MikeShouts, Hypeness, Design You Trust