Best Value Single Family Homes for Rent in Milwaukee

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Living in Milwaukee means being surrounded by nearly innumerable perks: miles of scenic and beachy lakeshore, national and international corporate headquarters, renowned universities, brewing history, and a thriving artistic community. Enjoying all of this urban splendor generally means renting an apartment several stories up, but there are also dozens of single family homes for rent in Milwaukee, which means even renters can have a yard and a home to yourself and still be just minutes away from the heart of the city. Here are a few great-value rentals in Milwaukee where you’ll find space, privacy, and flexibility.

2657 N Holton Ave

Located in the eclectic Riverwest neighborhood, just minutes west of the UW-Milwaukee campus, this is one of the most centrally located three-bedroom single family homes for rent in Milwaukee — especially for students. It’s fairly spacious, at more than 1,000 square feet, plus it has a porch, a large fenced-in backyard, and off-street parking, which cannot be overvalued on the crowded and snow-emergency-prone streets of Milwaukee. At just $800 a month, it’s a steal.

3357 Oakland Ave

This three-bedroom home is so close to the UWM campus, it’s just blocks from the dorms — which means it’s also just blocks from the campus’ sprawling and scenic Downer Woods Natural Area. Living right on Oakland, you’ll have dozens of restaurants, shops, and grocery stores within a short walk. For $1,250 a month, in addition to enjoying hardwood floors, and on-site laundry, you’ll also get a two-car garage.

3014 Oakland Ave

Another great option for students, this single-family Milwaukee home also has three bedrooms — and three parking spaces to match, two of which are in a garage. This home, which rents for $1,470 a month, is just a half-block south of the UWM campus and not much farther from the gorgeous Riverside Park.

1127 E Dakota Street

Not every renter is a student, or wants to live among students. This four-bedroom home in Bayview fits the bill perfectly, offering more space and plenty of personality. South of downtown along Lake Michigan, Bayview is a quaint residential area that holds some of the city’s best restaurants and boutiques — living there is like leaving the rush of the city without really leaving the city at all. This home has a large, prominent front porch, fenced-in yard, two bathrooms, one-car garage, on-site laundry, and plenty of built-in retro touches that are still in style, all for $1,325 a month.

This is just a sampling of the rental homes Milwaukee has to offer, and the availabilities will change throughout the year. To find more, head to our Milwaukee page, select the “house” filter and add your preferences for price and number of bedrooms, and you’ll be in your new spacious place in no time.


Header image by Ryan Rowley, via Flicker, CC by 2.0.

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