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Largest Cities in Maine

Maine offers several urban areas where you can rent great apartments at reasonable prices. The metropolitan region of Portland is the most populous of Maine’s urban communities and offers rentals at a range of prices. The cities of Lewiston, Bangor, and Augusta each tender excellent apartment housing, as well.

Other Large Cities in Maine

Presque Isle, Waterville, and Bath are some of Maine’s smaller cities where renters can find reasonably priced housing. These communities – and many more – each offer affordable apartments located next to many wonderful New England attractions.

Information about Maine

The largest of all New England states, Maine has a wide range of communities where you can find great apartments to rent. Whether you’re looking for a city by the sea or an inland retreat, this Northeastern state has a varied assortment of housing opportunities.

Although Maine has a large total land area, the estimated statewide population stands at a little more than 1.3 million people, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Known for its nightlife, commerce, and culture, Portland is the largest of all Maine’s communities. The city proper has a population of just over 63,000 people, but its metro area has more than 500,000 inhabitants. Maine offers a range of employment opportunities, but its major industries include agriculture and services. Maine especially is known for its blueberry providers, commercial fishing, and tourism and hospitality sector.

The state of Maine offers an array of attractions, recreational activities, and entertainment. Maine’s rocky and beautiful coastline has numerous seaport communities like Camden, where residents can enjoy picturesque harbors and dine at first-class seafood restaurants. The Ogunquit Playhouse – a famous theater in Southern Maine – annually hosts off-Broadway performances. Depending on where you look, there also are a variety cultural events, celebrations, and gatherings like the KahBang Music Festival in Bangor. But, if you’re looking for an excellent outdoor adventure, Maine has plenty of options. Baxter State Park and Acadia National Park are wonderful places to enjoy nature.

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