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Largest Cities in Louisiana

Louisiana has several large urban areas where renters can find great apartments at affordable prices. The New Orleans metro area is the largest of Louisiana’s urban centers with a total population of more than 1 million people. Baton Rouge and Shreveport also are considerably large communities with reasonably priced rentals.

Other Large Cities in Louisiana

If you’re looking to rent in a city that’s a bit smaller than the biggest of Louisiana’s urban centers, there are still plenty of communities to choose from. Slidell, Alexandria, and New Iberia also are excellent examples of cities where renters can find a variety of apartment listings.

Information about Louisiana

Louisiana is a beautiful Southern state where you can find apartments of varying sizes and rental rates depending on your location. Housing options run the gamut there, especially in the more populated communities.

From expansive bayous to the uplands of its northernmost parishes, millions of people live across the state of Louisiana. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, about 4.5 million people reside within its borders. Many of Louisiana’s communities are known for the melding of cultural backgrounds and heritages, notably the city of New Orleans. Economically, the state has a diverse set of industries, including advanced manufacturing, energy, and agriculture. The state has excellent colleges and universities, as well.

For renters who want to live in a state that has plenty of attractions, as well as entertainment, Louisiana certainly fits the bill. New Orleans has several major sports teams and is home of the famous French Quarter neighborhood. The Mardi Gras celebration also is a well-known staple of the city’s culture. Louisiana not only has terrific places to shop, but also many wonderful restaurants that specialize in seafood and Cajun cuisine. You can also find many historical sites and state parks to enjoy.

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