So You’re Looking for Student Apartments Near Ohio Stadium…

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The grass isn’t always greener on this (or any) side of the stadium.

For a certain type of Ohio State student, living within walking distance of The Ohio Stadium is the fulfillment of a lifelong dream. If you are that sort of Buckeye, you know who you are. You probably are currently shirtless with the letter O-, H-, I-, or O painted on your chest, three beers deep, and hoarse from screaming THE before Ohio State University. You may not be in a state to read this article, and you probably don’t need to. No one’s going to talk you out of signing a lease in a place so perfectly suited to your lifestyle.

But if you’re not — if you don’t line up for every game, or incorporate scarlet and gray into every outfit, or refuse to speak to your cousin who got a scholarship to Michigan — living so close to Ohio Stadium that you can hear the popcorn vendors might not be the best idea. You’ll want to know potential drawbacks. So here are a few to consider:

1.  Drunk People

We’ve all been there. It’s easy to go a little nuts when the Buckeyes are winning, or drown your sorrows in a High Life when they’re not. But if you live across the street from the stadium, you’ll be dealing with drunk people pretty constantly. You’ll hear them yelling. You’ll see them frolicking. They’ll probably be in your yard. Hopefully they won’t do anything but walk through it.

2.  Parking Issues

The Ohio Stadium can seat 104,944 people, and a lot of them drive. Parking around the arena is a nightmare anytime there’s an event — which is often. Not a problem if you ride a bicycle, or if you never move your car, or if you want to sublet your parking space. But the traffic crunch can be a hassle if you want to use your car without consulting the stadium event schedule first.

3.  Loud Sound Checks

Football games aren’t the only thing that happens at the Ohio Stadium. There are also concerts. That’s  great if you love all of the performers at Buckeye Country Superfest — but if you’re not a fan of Luke Bryan or Jason Aldean, you’ll have to put in earplugs. Voices carry. Even if you’re into the performers and the sound of crowd noise doesn’t bother you, you’ll still have to put up with the pre-show sound-check, during which a roadie will hit a bass drum approximately 400 times to calibrate the microphones.

That all sound fine to you? Then you’re in luck — there are hundreds of terrific, student-oriented apartments just a stone’s throw from the stadium. But if this has you running to the hills, check out hundreds of other Columbus listings on

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