The Least & Most Pet-Friendly Apartments for Rent by Zip Code in Columbus, Ohio

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Columbus, Ohio's Most and Least Pet Friendly Zip Codes.

Because we know you love your pet more than life itself.

Struggling to find pet-friendly apartments for rent in Columbus, Ohio? Your struggle is over. We checked out 35 Columbus-area zip codes and determined which ones are least and most pet-friendly.

How we define pet-friendly:
We looked at a variety of perks that make apartment life enjoyable and easy for you, Spike, and Mr. Fluffpants. Factors that contribute to our pet-friendly assessment for each zip code in Columbus, Ohio include the number of:

• Local vet clinics
• Pet stores close by
• Nearby parks and trails
• Pet-friendly apartments

Top 3 pet-friendly zip codes in Columbus, Ohio:

1. 43026 (Hilliard)
Hilliard leads the pack in number of parks and trails where you can spend an afternoon with your best friend. Spindler Dog Park is one of 20 to pick from.

2. 43228 (Columbus)
This part of Columbus is home to quite a few highly-reviewed veterinary clinics so when your new puppy eats your phone charger, your vet isn’t far away.

3. 43235 (Columbus)
Of all the Columbus zip codes we surveyed, this one has the most pet-friendly apartments currently available for rent.

The least pet-friendly zip codes in the Columbus area:

• 43216
• 43217
• 43268

Pets aren’t for everyone. Those who have pet aversions or severe allergies will likely be the happiest in an apartment in the 43216, 43217, or 43268 zip codes.

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