Why Install A Keyless Entry System In Your Rental Apartment?

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Keyless Entry Systems

As technology continues to develop and evolve, many facets of human experience are changing as well, and this includes the way in which we keep ourselves safe and protected. The keyless entry system is one example of how technology is having an impact on our lives.

Today, most apartment complexes are opting for a SmartLock or keyless entry systems just because it’s so effective, convenient and reliable. Plus, these systems are becoming cheaper to install each year as the demand for them increases. Sure, it’s still a bit more expensive to install a keyless entry mechanism on your doors than it is to replace normal locks, but the payoff is huge when you consider the long-term benefits.

Read on to find out why you should install a keyless entry system in your rental apartment.

Advantages of a Keyless Entry System

  • It Offers Better Security: Unlike traditional keys that can be misplaced, stolen or lost, the keyless system works with confidential access codes, which are frequently changed to ensure improved security. The latest keyless entry systems even have additional, sophisticated safety features like requiring multiple authority levels before granting access, audit trails and multiple schedules to make sure that access is limited to certain hours of the day.
  • It’s Convenient: The keyless entry system is a convenient solution for both the tenant and the landlord. For the tenant, it eliminates the need to keep track of keys all the time, and for landlords it makes the transition from one tenant to the next a bit more seamless because you don’t have to deal with key changes or worry about having lost keys floating about.

Also, let’s say for example that one of your apartments has a wood burning fireplace and you’ve hired someone to come in and sweep the chimney before a new tenant comes in. With a keyless entry system you can let the chimney sweep into your building using a temporary password, which eliminates the need of you being there the whole time to let them in and out.

  • Easy to Install and Use: Installing a keyless entry system is typically a quick and easy process that’s probably much quicker to setup than your normal lock and bolt. The maintenance is just as simple, and can be done by your regular maintenance guy.  
  • It’ll Save You’re a lot of Money and Time: One of the activities that you have to do as a landlord before a new tenant comes in, is to change the locks. After all, no-one wants to live in an apartment that the previous tenant can gain access to at any moment.

Now, the process of changing keys is lengthy, to say the least. You first have to contact your locksmith to come and do the re-key, after which you’ll redistribute the new keys. All of this takes time and money, so just imagine not having to do that every time a new tenant moves in. And the larger your organization, the more time you’ll save.

  • It’s attractive to Tenants: Tenants recognize the convenience of keyless entry systems, and landlords who’ve installed these systems into their buildings are seen as being ahead of the curve. These systems are obviously very attractive to tenants that are looking for better and more reliable security.

Why It Matters

Aside from the benefits listed above, the other advantage of a keyless entry system is that it eliminates the possibility of a tenant duplicating their keys to give to friends or family members. This common practice can place the safety of your property in a very vulnerable spot without you even knowing about it.

Plus, it provides better control over the building’s access points. For example, you can give your housekeeper access to the building for a certain number of hours without having to be there physically. Once they’re gone you’ll know that your property is safe without having to physically be there to secure it with a traditional lock and key yourself, because the system will automatically restrict access after the allocated time period has expired.

You can follow the same protocol for deliveries, dog walkers, pool cleaners and any other persons that only require temporary access to the building.

This sort of centralized management of your building security helps you to conveniently keep track of all entries and exits, including the amount of time that a person spends within the building after having been granted access.