I Heart My School: University of Utah

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To give you the chance to tell the world why you love your school — and help you pay for it — we offer the I Heart My School Scholarship essay contest. Recently, we announced our fall 2016 winner: Cornell Jones Jr., from University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff. Then we shared Erin Bailey Crittenden’s take on the University of Tennessee at Knoxville. Four our final I Heart My School essay, hear all about why Camilla Dixon hearts the University of Utah

Scroll down to see a few of Camilla’s pics from the Knoxville campus and read about why she loves her school so much.

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yo ladies don't worry I'm not gonna try to swoop- I'm just mad chillin and love being a Ute ❤️

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The University of Utah would market their school by telling you that they have some of the highest qualified professors in the state, or that they have technology that provides students the means to excel beyond belief. But I am here to tell you five reasons why I, Camilla Dixon, love The University of Utah.

Reason 1: The Pie Hole.

No, I am not talking about apple pie that your mom makes on Thanksgiving. I am talking about the small door on a street that takes you down stairs to a pizza-lover’s heaven. If you like greasy, cheesy, and moderately affordable pizza, I am telling you, the Pie Hole will fulfill all of your wildest dreams. But here’s the catch. The Pie Hole is one-of-a-kind — there are no other establishments and no other pizza place experiences like it. It was voted one of the top 20 best pizza places found near universities, so that’s rad.

Reason 2: The Library Chairs.

These chairs aren’t just any ordinary chairs. These chairs are handcrafted by the hands of Zeus himself. Rumor has it that the university spent around $5,000 on each individual chair and let me tell you, it was worth it. Thanks to these chairs I have found the perfect sleeping place. We have a University of Utah Instagram page that is strictly pictures of people sleeping in these chairs. If that’s not “university goals,” I don’t know what is.

Reason 3: Hot Spots.

I don’t know if any other student would tell you the best thing about The U is the hotspots that you can check out from the library but I am here to tell you that these hotspots are being slept on. You can check out a hotspot for portable Wi-Fi for three days for free. FOR FREE. Now that I am on that college budget and don’t want to pay another $20 a month to split the Wi-Fi cost with my roommates, I check out a new hotspot every three days. Some might say I am cheap; I just say I am inventive and smart. But I will let you decide.

Reason 4: The Red Fest.

At the beginning of the school year there is a concert held in the commons that is free to all students. This year we were graced with the presence of Jeremih. Now, I don’t know if you are familiar with Jeremih but the legend has been in my playlist since I can remember. Not to mention he sings my absolute favorite song, “Planes.” Wait. You are telling me that Jeremih, the singer of my favorite song, is going to be performing at my school? And I get to go for free? You have got to be kidding me. Needless to say he surpassed all of my expectations and I cried when he sang my favorite song. However, I could have done without the whole mosh thing by the stage. I think I lost a limb or two from crazed observers.

Reason 5: Burrito Machine.

Oh boy. Oh yes. I kind of wish I was kidding but I am so glad I am not. The University of Utah has installed a burrito vending machine at our library. Have you ever heard of such a disturbing but glorious luxury? You are telling me that I can just punch in my order of the perfect burrito onto a screen and it will be delivered at a moment’s notice? This is the ultimate finals week student dream. Spending hours in the library and cramming for your test when your stomach starts to growl. For us Utes, this isn;t an issue any longer because we have a machine to do that for us. Like what is life. Oh, and that isn’t even the best part. The machine supposedly also sells Cinnabon Cinnamon Rolls. I can’t give you my word that that information is true but the thought alone is brilliant. Here at the University of Utah, even the rumors are the best.

Now, I recognize that these aren’t your normal reasons to love your school but for me, these are just reasons on why I should love my school more than I already do. GO UTES!

— Camilla Dixon, University of Utah