Hygiene Tips for Your Apartment Community’s Gym

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Enjoying life in a luxury apartment community means enjoying a large number of community amenities. From on-site pet parks to on-site fitness centers, you have many luxuries at your fingertips when you choose a modern apartment community like this one.

If you’re going to take advantage of these amenities, you will want to make sure you do so with some consideration of others around you. Many gyms around the country are going virtual with classes and motivation, with many using online gym management software to keep on track of everything. In the apartment community gym, personal hygiene can go a long way towards making you a valuable member of your community, rather than someone everyone tries to avoid. Yes, even in an area where you’re hoping to work up a healthy sweat, you need to pay a little attention to hygiene.

1. Stay Home If You’re Sick

Even if you’re on a 21-day challenge to work out every day, don’t go to the community’s gym if you’re sick. Others sharing the space with you do not want to catch your germs. If you must work out, pop in a video to do a workout at home, or give your body a chance to rest and recover from the virus, you’re fighting with a few days off.

When it comes to gym etiquette, sickness refers to more than just respiratory or gastrointestinal illness, though those are important. If you’re sporting a rash, have athlete’s foot or jock itch, have ringworm, or discover any other unknown skin issue, you should stay home until you can see a doctor. Many of these parasites and infections are contagious, and people using the gym could contract it from touching an area you felt during your workout.

2. Come in Clean Clothes

Sure, you’re going to get sweaty if you’re working out properly, but that doesn’t mean you should arrive in grubby clothes. Dirty shoes and sweaty clothes can track grit and grime into the space that makes it messy for others who want to use it. If your workout clothes are sweaty, you will bring unwanted smells to the area as well. Instead, don a clean set of workout clothes before you head to the gym.

3. Go Easy on the Perfume

If you sweat a lot during your workout, you may create some body odor. This is expected. Your fellow gym users don’t mind the smell of good, clean sweat. They may mind the smell of heavy perfume or cologne. While deodorant is probably a good idea, don’t slather on lotions or perfumes before you go to work out.

Not only do scented items have the potential to irritate those around you, and some smells can even make people sick, they can also contaminate the equipment. Your weight bench or cardio machine can get some of the perfume on it when you start to sweat, and the next person who uses it will have to smell the aroma, whether they want to or not. Wait to put on your perfume until after your workout and shower.

4. Clean-Up When Done

When you’re done using a piece of equipment, make sure you put it away, but also wipe it down. Your body’s sweat and even just the oils from your hands are not something other people need to touch when they use the equipment. A simple wipe with a clean towel or a disinfectant wipe will prepare the item for its next user. If you’re concerned about your health, consider wiping down equipment before you use it as well as after.

5. Use a Towel

If you tend to sweat a lot when you work out, bring a workout towel with you. Wipe off your exposed skin a bit between repetitions. You want to do what you can to prevent sweat from ending up on the equipment or the floor after your hard work. Keep your towel off of shared surfaces, except for the floor, so that others don’t have to share space with your sweat.

6. Respect Personal Space

Because an apartment community’s fitness center isn’t as large as a public fitness center, since it’s reserved for you and your neighbors only, you may be near other people using the area. Be sure that you space yourself out a bit from others around you and respect their personal space. This not only helps you have plenty of room for your workout, but it can help prevent injury and the spread of illness.

7. Wash Hands

Wash hands before you start working out using soap and hot water. Then, when you’re done, wash again. This can help prevent the spread of illness through the community gym.

8. Shower in a Timely Manner

When you’re done with your workout, head back to your apartment to shower. Showering as soon as possible after your exercise session helps reduce the risk of bacteria growth in your sweaty clothes. Put on clean, dry clothes before returning to the community to enjoy its amenities.

9. Cover Your Feet

Good, supportive shoes are essential to a safe workout, but if you’re tempted to go barefoot for some activities, don’t. Protect your feet from fungal infections, and protect others from viruses you may carry, by keeping them covered at all times. If you use a communal shower facility, wear water shoes or flip flops during your shower.

10. Cover Cuts

Cuts in your skin that are bleeding need to be covered. Choose a waterproof bandage to ensure they are fully covered and to avoid letting bacteria or other contaminants in. Keep the dressing in place every time you work out until the cut heals. If your fitness center has a whirlpool or swimming pool, avoid using them while you have an open wound or significant cut in your skin.

11. Keep Personal Things Personal

Personal items, like your water bottle or your towel, need to be kept private. Protect yourself and others who share the gym with you from contamination by not sharing these items.

Your apartment community’s fitness center is a shared space that helps everyone reach their fitness goals. Practicing good hygiene will help you get the most enjoyment out of it, while also being considerate of the health and needs of your neighbors.

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