When most people are looking at an apartment they are looking at the amenities offered with the apartment including how many bedrooms, appliances, utilities, a pool, laundry room, and tennis courts. Most people tend to forget to ask questions about safety and security when they are looking for a apartment. It is important to ask a property manager about the safety of the building, neighborhood and apartment itself. Don’t forget, you are also responsible for your own safety and what actions you take when living in an apartment. To make sure you feel secure in your place we provided some safety tips to consider when living in and apartment complex.

Questions to ask before you rent
Ask your landlord about the lock on your door, deadbolt locks are the best for apartment doors. If you don’t have one for your apartment you can always ask the manager.
Ask about the buildings security; is it in a gated community? is there a doorman at the entrance at all times? are there cameras? can tenants only get into the building? how do guest enter the building? Are there intercoms for each apartment? Is the entrance locked at all times?
Ask about the neighborhood, you don’t want to live in an high crime neighborhood. You can talk to the landlord or neighbors about the neighborhood you live in. Ask if people wander around the building, is it on a busy road or a secluded road, have there been any crimes in the building before.
Ask about parking, you want to have parking spot close to the building or close to your door.
Do your own research on the area or apartment buildings. Read resident comments or search online about the apartment or neighborhood.
Dangerous Areas in Apartment Buildings
Parking lots and Garages are a high risk for someone surprising you from behind. There are hidden areas where people can lurk around and be unnoticed. Make sure to always keep you’re guard up; check your surroundings, try not to walk at night alone, find a parking spot close to your apartment, stay close to lighted areas, always check inside your car before entering.
Mailboxes are also important, someone can go into your mailbox and look at your personal information. Make sure to look around the area when picking up your mail, have a lock on your mail box and don’t write your full name on the box (use initials or last name).
Laundry rooms can also be dangerous because they are usually in secluded areas of the apartment buildings and can be very loud and hard to hear with the machines are on. Some laundry rooms offer keys for tenants to use to get in but if that’s not the case be careful who you talk to in the building and try to go when you know it’s a busy time, when most people are home.
The neighborhood and outside the building are also dangerous spots. You don’t know if someone is following you home, as i said before try not to walk by yourself at night and try to carry mase with you at all times. Make sure to be cautious around you; when you enter your building make sure there’s no one behind you who can try to sneak into the building.
The dos and don’ts for safe apartment living

Create impression you are not living alone; write initials on your mailbox, in sentences use the word we instead of I.
Befriend neighbors who can help you in an emergency.
Don’t let anyone in the building that you don’t know
Lock you’re doors and windows at all times especially if you are leaving the apartment for any circumstance and when you go to bed.
Check to see if last tenant gave back their keys to the building.
Make sure you’re door has a peephole, you can request one from your landlord.
Keep lights on a timer so people will think you are in your house.
Always keep your cell phone close by when you are outside or inside your building.
Keep a bat in the house either by the door or by your bed.
Keep an inventory of your personal belongings so you can report in something is missing.
If you see someone who looks suspicious in the building call the police and your landlord.
Make sure you have a lock and intercom in your building to identify who is trying to come inside
Always be alert!

Make Duplicates of your apartment key or put the spare in a visible place.
Give out personal information about yourself, where you live, what you do for work, what your plans are for the day.
Leave valuables in your car or close to your window where people can see them.
Leave notes on the door for roommates, neighbors or landlords saying that you are gone or what time you will be back.
Leave clothes unattended in the laundry room.
Leave car doors unlocked.
Prop open the lobby door for someone to walk in.