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Largest Cities in Hawaii

Renters in Hawaii can find several large cities that offer reasonably priced apartments located near exciting nightlife and gorgeous beaches. The capital city of Honolulu is this island-state’s largest urban center with an estimated population of about 908,000 residents. Hilo, Mililani, and Ewa also are large communities where you can find affordable apartments.

Other Large Cities in Hawaii

Hawaii also has plenty of smaller cities that offer affordable rentals for apartment hunters. Kailua and Aiea are popular communities that provide excellent housing opportunities for the interested renter. Apartments of varying dimensions and prices are available throughout the state.

Information about Hawaii

Located near the middle of the Pacific Ocean, Hawaii is the only state in the nation that consists entirely of islands. Its beautiful landscape, vibrant culture, and exceptional lifestyle make Hawaii an excellent place to rent an apartment.

From its vast capital city to its many smaller communities, Hawaii residents have a diverse offering of rental opportunities. Although Hawaii is one of the smaller states by land area, it still has a fairly large population considering its size. Collectively, the state population stands at about 1.3 million people, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Many of those people live in the Honolulu metro area. Tourism is a driving factor of Hawaii’s economy; however, the state Department of Business, Economic Development & Tourism said currently there are efforts to increase high-tech and knowledge-based industries in the state.

People who dwell on the Hawaiian Islands have access to well-known attractions and plenty of outdoor recreation. On the Big Island, people can explore the natural wonder of protected lands like Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, which boasts miles of trails that wend through a diverse setting. Nicknamed The Aloha State, Hawaii also has many leisurely activities where you can enjoy the scenery at a slower pace. The island chain contains several famous golf courses with lush greens and spectacular rolling hills. You also can find great places to shop throughout the entire state. Water sports also are a famous activity in Hawaii. Residents and visitors alike can enjoy a day of surfing, sailing or sunbathing at the beach.

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