Green Apartments: Lowering Your Water Consumption One Blink at A Time

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No one ever said that going green was easy. Excess water usage is one of the many consumption problems we have in the Western World and it’s also one of the hardest habits to kick. The average U.S. citizen uses a staggering 160 gallons of water a day. With numbers like those, it’s clear that we often take our brimming taps for granted. After all, we’re only human. Even the most environmentally conscious of us all can get lost in the pleasant sensation of a long, warm shower and forget how much water we’re wasting in the process.

However, solving the shower problem has gotten just a little bit easier with the Waterpebble. The designer was originally inspired by the “Please Use Water Sparingly” sign in hotel rooms. What began as a simple spark of an idea resulted in a streamlined, unique product that will have you saving the planet in no time. This awesome little product tracks the amount water you use during your shower by placing it near your shower drain and lets you know when you’ve used too much water. It uses a system of blinking lights to communicate your water consumption status during the shower.

If you can read a traffic light, then you can understand how the Waterpebble works. Whenever the light reads red, you know that you’ve used too much water and that it was time to get out of the shower a few minutes ago. The yellow light lets you know that you’ve used just enough and turn the water off sooner rather than later. A green lights means that you’re using a low amount of water and conserving one of the world’s most precious resources.

The Waterpebble also trains you to be a better water user. It begins by recording the length of your first shower. From there, it works on getting your shower time down slowly over the course of a few weeks. One of the only downsides it that the Waterpebble is only good for one person (unless you and your roommate happen to shower for a freakishly similar amount of time). If you decide that you want to start from scratch or record another person’s shower times, simply press the reset button on the bottom of the pebble.

If you’re not quite sold on the green angle, then you might be interested in Waterpebble’s cost-effectiveness. Aside from reducing your water consumption to save the planet, this product can also be useful for those attempting to lower their utility costs. Many Waterpebble buyers have reported seeing a drop in their water bills with extended usage.

Interested in purchasing this cool little product? Find out more about Waterpebble on Amazon.

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