Free Uber Ride On Us

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What is better than getting something for free? Nothing that I can think of. Here at ABODO we have recently partnered with our friends at Uber to provide our users with a free first ride with Uber (obvs, it has to be where Uber is available and it is up to $25 off an Uber ride for first time Uber users.)

How do you get this kickass free ride? It is super easy! We have a couple of different options for you:

  • Sign up for an ABODO account HERE and search for your next place!
  • Send an inquiry to visit your favorite ABODO apartment on (then take your Uber to check it out).
  • If you haven’t found your favorite new apartment yet, set up a search alert and we’ll let you know when we find properties that we think will work for you.
  • Simply download the ABODO app and send an inquiry to your favorite potential new crib and then download the Uber app to take advantage of that $20 free ride!

All super easy, not even a huge time sucker (the worst).

So what made us decide to hook our users up? Well, we really appreciate that you guys (ABODO users) have chosen us to locate your next abode, so much so, that we wanted to say thank you in the best way we know how! Hook you all up with some free stuff, i.e the free first Uber ride! Whether you want to take the ride to check out your new place, maybe use it to get to class on a really cold day, or maybe you had too much fun tonight and you need a ride home from the bar? Whatever the reason, let the next ride be on us, your friends at ABODO.

We are excited to help you find a new place and also get a free ride!


*This promo is only good for first time users of Uber.