INFOGRAPHIC: Cities Millennials Actually Want to Live In

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Cities Millennials Actually Want to Live In

What do Millennials want? Good jobs? Nice apartments? Money making apps? Good coffee shops?

It’s a complicated question, but if you believe the endless trend pieces, surveys, and news reports, Millennials want beer, avocados, and jobs in tech, preferably all at the same time.

There’s more to it than that, of course. But there’s no denying that in addition to killing chain restaurants, banks, and department stores, Millennials are emerging as a major force in the homeownership and rental markets. Their movements across the country over the next few decades will have outsize impacts on the way cities approach housing.

So we decided to take a semi-serious look at the cities where the Millennials in all the trend pieces would ACTUALLY want to live, if they plotted their next move based on their alleged preferences.

Where are avocados the cheapest? Where is weed legal? Where are there the most micro-breweries, the most start-up jobs, the most single people in their age range? And — this is important — where is the rent most affordable?

Cities with cheap rent that Millennials actually want to live in


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More Data


To determine the best cities for Millennials, we gathered data for six categories and included every city that had data available for all six categories. To calculate a total score, we ranked each city for each category, then awarded points based on how they ranked (1 point for last place, 39 points for first place). For the marijuana legalization category, we awarded 10 points for legalization and 5 points for decriminalization. The final score for each city is a weighted sum of each category’s points, with double weight on rent price and single weight on every other category. Below are the six categories and their data sources.