4 Expert Tips on Decorating Your Bedroom

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Thinking of completely revamping your home, or just want to conduct a bit of a design facelift? We don’t blame you – after you’ve been living in the same house or apartment for years, things can get a bit, ah, dull.

The best room to start is your bedroom. After all, when you spend 1/3 of your life sleeping, you may as well be in comfortable surroundings! The best way to ensure maximum comfort in your bedroom is to decorate in a way that brings out the best features of the room, and also fits your personal aesthetic.

So, where do you even start? You could just go about it without any advice, but as someone who’s seen a not so appealing decorating attempt (such as this self-confessed “decorating disaster!”), sometimes it’s a good idea to get some guidance. Given that there’s no group who knows better what works (and what doesn’t!) than interior design experts, we’ve gathered 4 experts’ tips on decorating your bedroom.

Be Authentic

An important tip you should keep in mind throughout your bedroom decorating journey is to “be authentic.” This is the fantastic advice Angela Stringfellow at Smart Style Today gives to anyone thinking about decorating any part of their home. “If you lose a sense of yourself in your home, it won’t feel like a home anymore.”

What Angela means by this is that if you fail to take into consideration what you like when you’re decorating, you won’t be satisfied with the end result as your home won’t feel like yours anymore. As such, remember to keep your taste in mind first and foremost.

Sometimes, what works for some people, won’t work for you. The key is not to force any decorating modifications – if you really don’t like someone’s advice (expert or not), don’t go with it! By the same token, if you really like a particular item or decorating technique that is a big no-no in the design books, just go with it. It’s your bedroom, after all!

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Indulge in Luxurious Linens

One of the most substantial changes you can make to your bedroom is buying new linens. A lot of us don’t think about the impact our bed sheets can have on the feel of our room – we just focus on their utility. However, if you’re wanting to take your bedroom to the next level, you should invest in some quality bed sheets in a design you actually like.

“Indulge in luxurious linens” is a top tip Coral Nafie at The Spruce highlights in her article,  “10 Tips for Decorating a Beautiful Bedroom.” She believes that “there’s nothing that adds comfort to a bedroom like beautiful linens,” so she recommends decorators not to buy sheets that are less than 100% cotton.

Eliminate Clutter

None of us like to be told we’re hoarding too many items, but this clutter is an undeniable feature of many people’s bedrooms. That’s why the folks at the decorating hub How to Decorate recommend that you “eliminate clutter.” After all, how are you meant to make all of your wonderful modifications standout if your room looks like a hurricane swept through it?

Eliminating clutter is the key to letting your hard work shine. Take a hard look at your bedroom and notice all of the little and big items and pieces of furniture that are taking up space.

For example, do you really need 20 photo frames in your bedroom, or could you pick a couple to star in your bedroom, and spread the rest throughout your house? Likewise, anything that’s not serving a purpose in your bedroom should be stowed away, given to a friend or thrift shop, or if it’s broken – thrown out.

Layer in a Little Something Extra

When it comes to home supplies, there’s no place like Bed Bath & Beyond to pick up the essentials. So it makes sense to turn to them for some decorating advice. Their website is full of useful suggestions about decorating your bedroom, but we particularly loved their advice to “layer in a little something extra.” They suggest that you should think of adding something special once you’ve finished with the decorating basics.

For instance, an ottoman or bench made out of leather or upholstery in the color palette you’ve chosen for your bedroom is the perfect way to add a touch of sophistication. If it’s balance you’re after, place a nightstand or even a pair of small end tables next to your bed. Additional lighting is also an easy and practical way to bring a room together.