Neighbor-Friendly Exercise Tips for Apartment Dwellers

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Not everyone is lucky enough to land a great apartment building with a built-in fitness center. When you’re an active person who lives in an apartment, exercising can be a challenge. After all, apartments are highly condensed spaces, so doing a lot of fancy moves can result in broken lamps and tipped tables. Also, if you’re living on the second or third floor of the building, you have to worry about aggravating the neighbors beneath you by jumping around. Ultimately, getting fit in a confined apartment space can result in some pretty sticky situations. Here are some alternatives for exercising in your apartment without disturbing the peace.

Exercise Ball Chair

Ever wished you could inspire yourself to use those wasted hours at the computer exercising instead? Ever utilized one of those exercise balls to help work your core? Well some absolute genius decided to combine this desire with this innovation into the exercise ball chair. This device includes the typical office chair framework, with one big difference: the cushioned seating pad has been replaced with a giant exercise ball.

What exactly does this accomplish? It requires you to sit actively, meaning that you can never remain completely still or relaxed. This strengthens your core and improves flexibility, all while browsing through the computer! It also forces you to have better posture, which will help relieve that stiff neck you get after being hunched over the computer all day. Keep in mind that you’ll need a backup office chair. Most reviews say that after 3 hours of sitting in one of these, you’ll need a little break.

Mini ellipticalSitting Elliptical

There are a few problems you may run into when setting up a large exercise machine in an apartment space. First off, there is always the matter of price. These machines are highly technical and cost a pretty penny to own. Then there is always the matter of space. Exercise are bulky and can take up a lot of room, which is a valued commodity in apartments. Another problem you may run into – especially when it comes to treadmills – is that your exercising still disturbs the neighbors downstairs.

If you happen to enjoy ellipticals, then you might be pleased to know that they have produced a machine that is much smaller, cheaper, and quiet than your average exercise machine. It’s a kind of mini-elliptical that allows you to work out your legs while sitting at your desk, in front of the computer or television. Now you can’t make any excuses for missing your cardio workout during the day! It also doesn’t make any noise for the neighbors below you, so your days worrying about the volume of your workout are over.

Yoga DVDs

Instructional exercise DVDs and the old exercise tapes of yore are (or were) a great way to work out. Not only are they significantly cheaper than fitness classes, but they’re also something you can do right in your home. Of course, only if you’re not dancing around and causing an earthquake in the apartment below you.

One great solution to this problem is getting a few Yoga DVDs. Yoga may not be as cardio-intensive as P90X’s plyometrics workout, but it certainly has its own fair share of benefits. It is a great way to improve your flexibility and strength, not to mention it actually relieves a lot of stress! Of course, most of the workouts require you to take on structure poses and stretches, meaning that you won’t be jumping around. No more knocking over your things or disturbing the peace of your apartment building!

Communicate With Your Neighbors

If you already have a pretty solid workout routine that works in your apartment layout, then all you have to worry about is the neighbors. Don’t fret! Sometimes keeping your exercise routine apartment-friendly is as simple as having some common courtesy and communicating with your neighbors.

First off, be sure to work out in the middle of the day or in the late afternoon, when most people are either out of the house or just getting home from work. You never want to work out at a time when most people are asleep or winding down to sleep. The excitement from upstairs might startle them awake. Secondly, be sure to talk to the neighbor below you. Let them know that you will be working out upstairs around a certain time everyday. This will prevent them from holding any resentment against you and makes them less likely to file a noise complaint.

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