Key Tips for Downsizing and Moving to a Smaller Space

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Stated by a Dallas moving company, when you’re just starting out down the road of independence in life, you may find yourself moving a lot. Whether you’ve landed in an off-campus apartment with three roommates, renting a studio over a friend’s garage, or leasing your first apartment downtown, you’ll soon find smaller abodes can be quite tight on space.

Small spaces can be a great thing! They can also pose a challenge sometimes. Here are some key tips and tricks for maximizing every square inch of your new smaller home, while making your place truly a space you want to go home to.

Tip #1 Dive Deep Into Dual Purpose

With a smaller space, every larger item you choose to put in it should be a chameleon of utility – ever changing its purpose into whatever you need it to be. Look for furniture that can do more than just one thing.

  • Your bed would benefit from underneath storage, or at least provide a space big enough to slide some slimline linen bins underneath.
  • Choose a kitchen table with collapsible leaves so you can push it up against the wall for the evenings you’re dining for one.
  • Instead of nightstands, use your walls for a place to affix adjustable arm reading lamps. You can even attach a small shelf to your wall for a spot to place your phone, book, water, etc.
  • If you have room for a coffee table, choose one with built in bins or shelving. Or put decorative baskets underneath your table to store items such as books, cords, laptops, throw blankets, etc.

Tip #2 Learn To Say No

Often, when you’re moving into a new place as a student or a young professional, family and friends are eager to help. And, their help is much needed. What’s not needed, however, is the items they push on you that you just don’t need.

Learn to say yes to the items you could benefit from, such as cooking utensils you wouldn’t otherwise have a budget to afford. Learn to say no to extra blankets, fancy but nearly useless appliances, fine china you’ll never use, houseplants you’ll neglect, decorative items that take up space you can use for storage, and the like.

Your space should be a place for only the things you truly love and truly need. Everything else should go.

Tip #3 Get Organized

Small spaces demand organization or they often appear cluttered when, in reality, just a few thing are strewn about. Invest in high quality storage solutions for your items. Bins, cubbies, cubes, file boxes, and the like exist for just about every item you can think of. The more organized you are in your new place, the more comfortable you’ll feel in it.

You’ll soon find that living in a smaller space is actually highly efficient since you have storage options in nooks and crannies you never considered before, you are surrounded only by the things you want and need, and your items are highly organized in specialty bins and containers.