The Dorm Life Chose Me

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Dorm Room

The Best:
1. The indisputably best thing about living in a dorm is that you never have to eat alone; it doesn’t matter if it’s your roommate, your neighbor, or some random person hanging out in the den, there is always someone willing to go with you to get some noms, day or night.
2. While living in a dorm, it is incredibly easy to meet people. A lot of people living in dorms chose that form of housing due to the focus on social interaction. It is incredibly easy to meet and become close friends with nearly anyone living on your floor or in your building. Most people just leave their doors open and are completely fine with people waking in and striking up a conversation.
3. Wanna get tons of college advice from people who have gone through exactly what you have? Dorms have got you covered! While RAs can be either the best or the worst thing about dorm life, it is undeniable how much insight they have into the college experience and are a great resource for figuring out how to make the most of your time in college.
4. Finals week extended quiet hours are one of the biggest benefits of living in a dorm. Sure, it can be a pain if you are one of the few lucky people to have easy finals and are looking to party, but, for everyone else, extended quiet hours are a blessing; quiet study time is the best study time.
5. Do you not want to spend your very limited funds on things like toilet paper, furniture, and utilities? Well than look no further than the average dorm. Thankfully nitpicky stuff is expertly dealt with so you don’t have to.

The Worst:
1. Having to wait FORTY-FIVE MINUTES to go to dinner with your friends because one person is staying late at an elective library study session is never fun.
2. Being woken up in the middle of the night to your roommate being intimate with someone in the bed above yours. Or the bed below yours. Or the bed next to yours. Or really just anywhere in the general vicinity.
3. One of the worst things about living in a dorm is when your roommate forgets to put water in a cup of instant mac-n-cheese and accidentally fills your room with plastic-scented smoke. That smell stays in your clothes for about two weeks- I have firsthand experience.
4. RAs are usually great, except for when they aren’t. Like when you don’t want to go to a floor meeting, or when you want to have some kind of social get together, or when you want to make any amount of noise.
5. Finally, and perhaps, worst of all, communal bathrooms. No further explanation needed.


Contributed by Lucas Deruyter.