A Dog Lover’s Guide To Creating A Safe Home

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Our pets are also part of our family and having them around, waiting excitedly as we walk into the house is one of the best feelings. So it’s important to know that there are some things at home that are harmless to us but could be very dangerous to them. To show our love to our pets, we must also consider their safety and invest in their care. Here are some things you need to know to keep your home safe and dog-friendly for your four-legged friend: 

Keep Hazardous Chemicals Away

Our home is full of items that could potentially be harmful to our precious pets. A simple razor discarded within their reach can end up causing them cuts. When you own a pet you should also know the responsibility it entails keeping your home pet-proof. You can do your research to identify the things around the house that can hurt them. These items may include chemicals, pesticides, detergents, medicine, anti-freeze, alcohol, tobacco, batteries, and many more.

Some Foods are Harmful for Pets

Some of our food could be harmful to our pets. Our dogs have this look that will melt our hearts when they see us eating something and would only feel cruel to them if we ignore them. You should resist your natural urge to give them if the food is not good for them. Some of these foods will cause them stomach illness and some could hurt them if you feed them that regularly. You will symptoms like diarrhea, loss of appetite, and vomiting. 

Keep these foods out of their reach and if ever you see them showing signs of poisoning call the vet immediately. Such foods to NEVER give your dog include garlic, salt, chocolate, chewing gum or candy, raw meat. It’s also not necessarily advised to give a puppy adult dog food either. 

Kitchen Safety

The kitchen can be one of the most dangerous places for your pets with the stove, knives and other ingestible things that are kept there. You can install a small gate to prevent access to that area. But for some variety of dogs, a gate is not enough and it’s also too pedestrian to have something blocking your way as well. 

Some of the things can be harmful, but also some are in danger when you have pets in the house. This refers to your china, if you don’t secure them, they will be prone to breaking when your dog barges in and plays with anything they can find in your cabinet.

Waste Management

You should keep your garbage sealed away from your dogs. They are filled with harmful things that are enticing to them. Some of the trash is not edible and can be a choking hazard to your pets. There are some small things like caps or wrappers that can get stuck in your dog’s throat when they try to eat it. 

So it’s important that your trash bins in the kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom should have a lid that would prevent your dogs from scouring them to find something to eat. Also, the garbage should be taken out immediately to your trash bins outside so that you won’t have to keep your dogs from running after them.

Make Things Easy for Them

Dogs like to spend time with us just as they also like to enjoy the outdoors. Letting them play in a safe place outside will give them their much-needed exercise. According to The Dog Clinic, when deciding on a dog door you’ll have to consider energy efficiency and security.

dog lying on pet bed near window with sun passing through

But surely enough providing access for your dogs to enjoy and spend their energy outside is as important as food. Installing their own doors will make it convenient for you not to always have to open the door for them but it’s also good for them to have easy access when they want to relieve themselves. Also, having a ramp near the couch will prevent them from being injured from jumping unto you trying to cuddle next to you.

Electrical Safety

Electrical cords are one of the things that your dog will chew on and that could be damaging to your devices and potentially harmful to your pet. You can try to block exposed wires with furniture or line them behind a protective molding. Also, you can try to choose devices with wires that aren’t so attractive to your dogs.

First Aid kit

It is recommended to have a first aid kit for your pets when things don’t go well. This also includes when the flea season comes around and your dog will start scratching themselves. So it’s good to have the treatment to the flea problem around when that happens. You should also learn how to perform those procedures to them and call the vet as soon as possible. They can tell you what to do and it’s better to have things you’ll need within reach when the time comes. 

Dog Crates

This will take some training and it’s beneficial if you can train them to think of the crates as a safe place for them rather than something that will isolate them from you. This can be useful if you leave the house and you don’t want them to run around the house and possibly hurt themselves. 

Stainless IDs

You can fasten this on your dog’s collar, shaped into something adorable and easily noticed. These stainless plates can have a piece of etched information like the dog’s allergies and how to contact the owner when they wander away.

Clean Their Things

Like our own things, we should keep theirs clean and sanitized as well. The dog bowls should be cleaned after every meal as exposed food can be a breeding ground for harmful pathogens. The playpens and their toys should also be cleaned as well, it’s advisable to clean them when you’re giving your dogs a shower that way you can save time.

Making your home safe not only for your human family but also for your four-legged family members is worth every penny. We mostly will outlive our pet dogs, so to them, their lives were spent entirely loving us as best as they can. So it’s only fair that we provide and keep them safe as best as we could as well. Also, seeing them happy and safe will give you a feeling of fulfillment that you just can’t get from anywhere else. 

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