5 DIY Art Projects To Spice Up Your Apartment

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When you think of art, the first thing that comes to mind might be those floral still art pieces your aunt made or that faux impressionist piece that your parents bought during that last vacation to New Orleans. But art is like beauty, in the eye of the beholder. Plain walls are boring and just, well, not very homey! You want your apartment to be a retreat from the rest of the world, not a barren, prison-like cave. Of course, you could always purchase some cheesy pre-made art or poster from the nearest big box store, but your space and hence your art should be a reflection of you!

Instead of just another knock off, why not your own DIY art project? After all, there is nothing more personalized than art crafted with your own two hands. Not an artist? Luckily, we can provide you with some great tutorials for creating gorgeous DIY art that will spice up your space for half the cost!

Mounted Wood

If you’re the type that wants to bring the outdoors in without going for the extreme boho feel, then look to natural wood cuts for artistic inspiration. Many apartments that decorate in the “Modern Rustic” style use tree trunk art to create a beautiful, unique feel. Though you can certainly purchase pre-made wood art, they’re also relatively easy to make. The most difficult part will be getting your hands on a tree stump, but you can always find a stump remnant and shave a piece of wood right off the top. Treat the wood with urethane spray to prevent rotting and protect from dust, dirt, and other weathering factors. Put several coats on the piece of wood until it shines slightly, then attach a hook on the back and mount it to the wall. Now you have a 5 star handmade art piece that looks beautiful too. If you’re feeling really ambitious, you can even cut off a larger chunk of the tree stump and turn it into a coffee table.

Pallet Art
Upcycling old pallets has become all the rage in DIY home design for a number of reasons. First, pallets are extremely easy to get ahold of. Two, they are incredibly versatile base material that can be used in a variety of ways. They also happen to be extremely friendly for making beautiful rustic or shabby chic artwork. One popular option is taking a small pallet and painting on a quote or, if you’re more artistically inclined, a print or pattern. Begin by obtaining a pallet. This is relatively easy, as most shops tend to leave used pallets out by their dumpsters. Pallets are notorious for their rough texture, so sand the wood down to your liking depending on if you want a more finished, smooth look or an aged, rough look. When you’re done sanding, paint your pallet however you desire. You can use craft store stencils to pain on a nice quote or print, or you can free hand if you’re the artsy type. If you’re not an idea person, don’t fret! There are many pictures out there of pallet art that can inspire you.


Fabric Panels
Not only is this DIY art project easy, but it’s also highly customizable. These fabric panels can be made from only a few simple, low-cost supplies: scrap fabrics, foam, double-stick tape or a stapler. If you love to sew and always have scrap fabrics hanging around, then this is the perfect project for you! Of course, you can always run to the craft store and pick out some fabrics that you’d like to see hanging on your wall. First, cut the foam into whatever size you would like. Wrap a piece of scrap fabric around the foam until it fully covers the front. Tape or glue the fabric edges around the foam so it is pulled taut over the front. Now you’re done! It’s that simple. Though having one hanging on the wall is great for adding a little “pop” to the room, it also looks quite lovely when you have several different fabrics hung up beside one another in an eclectic little group.

Toilet Paper Roll Art
This DIY art project is so simple and cheap that it might almost seem too good to be true! If you’re a recycling (or upcycling) freak, then this project is your  dream! The main supply you need is old toilet paper rolls, along with some glue or a stapler. Cut the toilet paper rolls into five relatively even sections, then glue or staple them together to look like leaves or “cells.” You can play with the shape and composition as much as you want before solidifying them in place. When you’re done, just mount it up on the wall. It’s so light that hanging it should be a breeze. If you aren’t one for the minimal look, add some paint or some glitter to the rolls for little extra pazazz. Who knew that toilet paper could look so good?

Clipboard Art
If you’re looking for some DIY art to suit more industrial tastes, we have just the project for you! This project is simple and quick, and gives you an equally minimal piece of art that still manages to grab all the attention. Pick up some stenciled letters at your nearest craft store. A bold, industrial print would be best to complete the look, but feel free to use any font you desire. Hang up the letters – you can paint the letters or you can use the stencils themselves – on multiple metal clipboards. Hang the clipboards up in a few neat rows. You can make the letters say something or you can hang them up in random order to just enjoy the typography.

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