The 10 Coolest Student Residences in the World

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Student Housing

Gone are the days when student renters were confined to bedsits in halls of residence. Our friends at help to provide tips to students on how to enhance their college experience. They have gathered a list of the imaginative student residences around the world that will change your perception about life and living in campus.

Apeldoorn, The Netherlands

It is designed to appear as though someone stuck containers in a creative list. It is regarded as the SpaceboxStudios and is one of the most iconic student residences you will find around the world. It lives up to the imaginative and creative nature of student lives.

Tietgen Residence Halls in Copenhagen Denmark

The halls are designed to offer a communal living space because of the circular architectural design. The building is also made of natural materials, giving it a homely feel that is also captivating. Residents enjoy a classic piano studio and a hall where you can hold your parties and other events.

Cite a Docks in La Havre, France

The students actually live in a container. These containers are arranged in a creative manner that the student does not feel confined in a space that is too small. It is airy and well organized, achieving aesthetics that are beyond what constructed structures can achieve.

Campagneplain Dormitory in Enschede, The Netherlands

The college experience is not just about swinging between the library and class. The designer of this dormitory thought that the entire wall that is several floors high can be turned into a climbing wall. He added a hair dresser salon, communal roof terrace and supermarket for these students to enjoy.

Simmons Hall in Cambridge, USA

The unique appearance of these halls has caused the block to be named as the sponge. From the outside, it looks like an old sponge. However, the inside is laced with technology and features that allow light into the halls. It has real lungs to bring air and light into the halls and make them a perfect living space. It is a perfect design to inspire your research paper on architecture.

M6B1 Housing in Paris, France

The M6B1 halls provide a modern appeal with an open living experience. They provide a stunning view of Paris that every student would be interested in. Inside the hall are spaces for skateboarding, a garden, table tennis court and a terrace at the rooftop.

Hub at Tucson in USA

This is a space in Tucson, AZ that will shame most of the apartments you see on property shows and magazines. It offers amenities that are futuristic and unavailable even for persons earning a decent amount. They include walk in closets and fitness gym, among others.

Casa dell’Academia in Mendrisio, Switzerland

The halls are nested in the Swiss Alps and are regarded as one of the most breathtaking residences for students. It feels as though the students will be living in a resort as opposed to halls of residence. You have an open gallery that spreads throughout the halls with banquet tables for all the parties you wish to hold.

Taliesin Shelters in Scottsdale, USA

This is a residence in Scottsdale, AZ that provides accommodation to students of Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture. As though to inspire them into producing modernist designs, the halls are built like a DIY project. It is one of the most unique designs you will see around the world because one lives as thought hanging from ropes. Each student has a unique living space that will ignite his architectural imagination.

Founders Building – Egham, UK

Royal Holloway holds the record for being top among the most beautiful universities around the world. It has a classic feel of forests, large playing fields and gardens, among other amenities that define a communal institution. The students receive the best treatment because they live in a chateau. Who would hate to live in a castle while he or she is still in school?

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