Do You Need College Self Storage?

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College Self Storage

For many, college is the first step toward independence. You live on your schedule and in your space. However, that independence comes with some realities: you realize how quickly your time and space can be filled

And while we have little control over your time, we at and ABODO can help you with your space. A storage unit for a college student can help you maximize your square footage in your dorm or apartment, reduce your costs, and even make heading home over the summer a breeze.

How to Navigate Self Storage

We get it, when you go to college you often face things completely new to you, such as the self storage industry. Fortunately for you, is the expert on the self storage industry, and we can break it down in simple terms.

Oftentimes, storage unit renters will begin by selecting a location. If you know you’ll need your belongings often, find a storage facility near you for easy access. However, if you’re storing belongings like your winter clothes that you won’t need very often, it’s good to look around to find a facility with a lower price that may be a bit further away.

Your next step is selecting the right storage features. These are elements of your storage unit or facility that you may want or even needs. Here are a few key features to look for when it comes to college self storage users:

  • Storage units range in size from the closet-sized 5×5 to a garage space of a 10×30. Most college students can get by with a 5×5 to a 5×10 unit.
  • Security features such electronic gate access, which requires a keycode to enter the facility, as well as video surveillance and onsite management is key when storing expensive items such as sports equipment or electronics.
  • Climate control is a feature that maintains a constant temperature and humidity level within the unit to preserve weather-sensitive items and materials such as wood, electronics, and even some fabrics.
  • Drive-up access allows you to pull your vehicle directly to the unit, which makes loading and unloading of heavy items such as couches a breeze.
  • 24-hour access is exactly what it sounds like: you can get to your unit on your schedule—even if that falls outside of traditional business hours.
  • Short-term leasing is available in most facilities, which allows you to rent your storage unit for months at a time, like over your summer vacation.

Self Storage When Living on Campus

Do you live in a dorm? This can be a great way to jump into the college life, but you learn quickly that space is at a premium. A nearby storage unit for your dorm can allow you to store seasonal clothing, recreational gear, and even that extra futon you and your roommate don’t want, but can’t get rid of. You can even split the cost to help reduce your monthly rent.

Another benefit to a storage unit when living on campus is you can store all your belongings near campus over your summer break. This is especially helpful for those attending an out-of-state college, as you won’t have to overpack your car or rent a trailer to go home for a few months.

Downsizing for College Students Moving Into an Apartment

Not all University of Oregon students live on campus, some might live elsewhere in Eugene apartments, and oftentimes you may opt for a smaller apartment or find a roommate or two. While this is another huge step toward adulthood, you may find yourself in a situation where you may feel you need to downsize. Space is expensive, and while you can always donate or sell some things, you may not always want to part ways with your belongings.

If you find yourself living in an apartment for college, a storage unit is a proven way to maximize your living space without getting rid of all your stuff.

A storage unit for apartment renters can serve for anything from a spare closet for out of season clothes to a cheap, spare garage for your bicycle, extra furniture, and those obnoxious Christmas decorations you put up each year. Sure, you may start your self storage experience in college, but you may find it easily carries on after graduation.

Start renting your student self storage today

College doesn’t just teach you history, biology, or chemistry; it also teaches you that growing up isn’t nearly as hard as people make it out to be. Thankfully, the same thing is true of the self storage industry.

So, whether you live on campus or find an amazing apartment through ABODO, you can find a storage unit to make your college years a breeze.