How to Choose a Mattress for Your New Apartment (2019 Updates)

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You’re moving to a new address – and you’ve decided that it’s time for a new mattress to make your apartment feel like home. The good news is that mattress shopping has never been easier or more convenient. Stores have some nice options and there are even more mattresses available online. Here are some expert tips for choosing a brand-new mattress online or at your local furniture store.

Decide Where to Shop

Brick and mortar stores offer traditional innerspring mattresses and some other options, and they offer the clear advantage of letting you lie down on your top choices for a few minutes before making a final decision. Many stores provide delivery and if you have an old mattress to get rid of, most will take it off your hands.

There are a few definite disadvantages to in-person mattress shopping, starting with that awkward feeling you get when you try to relax for a full 10 minutes while an eager sales associate is hovering nearby. Prices tend to be higher in stores, so much so that many savvy shoppers decide to wait for a sale before making their purchase.

The concept of online mattress shopping used to be strange but these days, there are tons of great choices plus some excellent perks. Prices tend to be more affordable, shipping is often free, and some companies will even help you with setup if you need it, giving you one less thing to move on your own. The main disadvantage to online shopping is that you can’t feel the mattress before committing. Luckily, many companies get around this by offering generous trial periods that let you send the mattress back if it isn’t right for you.

Consider the Benefits that Come with Different Mattress Types

There are a few common types of mattresses and within those, there are several different materials and options to choose from. Every company has something special to offer so we’re keeping this part of the guide general. You’ll find that mattress reviews can be helpful with decision making since they offer tons of in-depth information about materials, features, and more.

Innerspring mattresses are bouncy and durable, but they tend to transfer motion. If you’re sleeping with a partner and either of you is a light sleeper, motion transfer can translate to disrupted sleep.

Memory foam mattresses are popular not just for their ability to deliver a weightless, floating sensation and reduce pressure points, but for their affordability. If budget is one of your primary concerns when choosing your new mattress, then you’ll probably find that memory foam meets your needs. It’s worth noting here that not all memory foam is created the same. Read reviews to see what others have to say about the brands you’re considering, whether you’re shopping online or in store.

Adjustable mattresses can be pricey, but they can help you find your ideal comfort level. Options include air-filled mattresses, modular hybrids, and foam mattresses that have a soft side and a firm side. Helix builds a custom mattress that features a different comfort level on the right and left halves of the mattress to suit partners with different sleep needs.

Smart mattresses connect to your smart home or phone and provide quite a few different features including warming and cooling, sleep tracking, and sleep coaching.

Hybrid mattresses offer the best of both worlds. Individually pocketed springs or coils give you touch of bounce and proprietary foam or latex layers lend a lovely floating feel, reduce pressure points, and prevent motion transfer. Hybrid mattresses tend to cost a touch more than other types but they’re some of the most comfortable beds around.

Think About Your Sleeping Type

Most of us prefer a certain sleep position, spending most of the night either on our sides, our backs, or our stomachs. Choosing a mattress that gets good ratings for your sleep position is an excellent strategy since different surfaces and features offer varying levels of support.

Back sleepers tend to prefer medium-firm mattresses that combine comfortable support with a touch of “give” so your spine stays aligned. Hybrid, memory foam, and latex mattresses tend to be very popular with people who sleep on their backs.

Stomach sleepers need more support. Firm memory foam or latex mattresses tend to provide the correct level, as do firm innerspring and hybrid mattresses.

Side sleepers prefer soft to medium-firm mattresses depending on their size, weight, and shape. Read reviews for the best mattresses for side sleepers on Bedroomcritic, and look for a latex or memory foam mattress with pressure relief for your shoulder and hip areas. You could also consider a hybrid with similar pressure-relieving features.

Top 5 Reviewed Mattresses of the Moment

Now that you know a bit more about mattresses than you might have before, here are five of the most popular mattresses on the market right now.


DreamCloud mattresses are designed with a combination of coil technology, tufting, latex, and memory foam, all designed to provide support, breathability, and outstanding comfort. The 365-night sleep trial is among the best we’ve found. Features include:

  •         15 inches thick
  •         8-layer construction with individual pocket coils for motion isolation
  •         Cashmere blend top layer for a luxurious feel
  •         5 support zones to prevent pressure points; popular with back and side sleepers
  •         Breathable gel memory foam disperses heat
  •         Free delivery & returns
  •         365-night sleep trial
  •         Limited lifetime warranty

Curious? Check out these DreamCloud mattress reviews on Sleeping Culture.


Nectar mattresses have been best-sellers for a few years now, thanks to an excellent medium firm feel that most people enjoy. Like just a couple of other companies, Nectar offers a full 365-night sleep trial. Features include:

  •         4-layer construction
  •         Supportive Hi-core memory foam inner layer
  •         Cooling gel memory foam
  •         Breathable, temperature-regulating Tencel fabric cover
  •         Provides a pleasing combination of comfort and support
  •         Good for back and side sleepers 
  •         Isolates motion well
  •         365-night sleep trial
  •         Free shipping & returns
  •         Old mattress disposal
  •         Lifetime warranty

Learn more through Nectar mattress reviews.


Helix takes an unusual approach to building mattresses: Each and every mattress the company offers is custom-made after clients take a quiz. This hybrid mattress is ideal for partners with different sleeping preferences and best of all, it costs quite a bit less than a comparably sized adjustable air mattress.

  •         Available with the same comfort level or different comfort levels on each side
  •         Choose soft, medium, or firm feel for each side
  •         High-grade polyfoam base and comfort layers
  •         Helix Dynamic Foam cools and cradles the body
  •         Pocketed microcoils for pressure relief
  •         Suitable for all sleeping positions
  •         Custom-made for each customer
  •         100-night sleep trial
  •         10-year limited warranty

Learn more about Helix mattresses.


Muse memory foam mattresses offer unique cooling features including a cover made with a proprietary fabric that incorporates Cold Wire Plus temperature control yarns. This company joins a few others in offering soft, medium, and firm mattresses, and they provide new customers with a quick quiz to help determine which comfort level is best.

  •         Three inner layers – firm support foam, pressure-point relieving memory foam, and cooling gel foam on top
  •         Unique cooling fabric cover funnels cooler air to your body while wicking away heat and moisture
  •         Comes in soft, medium, or firm support
  •         Ideal for any sleeping position
  •         Compatible with adjustable foundations
  •         Cooling pillows and mattress protectors are available
  •         120-night trial period
  •         10-year warranty

Discover more through reading Muse mattress reviews.


Odds are, you’ve seen the commercials! Purple mattresses are designed to prevent pressure points while offering a combination of comfort and cooling. There are different firmness levels to choose from, with Purple 2, Purple 3, and Purple 4 mattresses offering a responsive hybrid design that’s different from the Original Purple mattress.

  •         4 different comfort levels to choose from
  •         Pressure-relieving grid design
  •         Hybrid models offer a good combination of bounce and support
  •         Good options for every sleep position
  •         Many accessories available including an adjustable base with built-in massagers
  •         Free shipping
  •         Free in-home setup
  •         Old mattress removal
  •         100-night trial period
  •         10-year warranty

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Final Thoughts…

Choosing a mattress takes time, particularly if you read in-depth reviews. Comparing features and prices might seem boring, but in the long run, you’ll be glad you took time out for a careful decision-making process. After all, your bed is the ultimate getaway from the stresses of everyday life and the right one will make your new apartment feel like home while providing you with restful sleep for years to come.

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