extra room ideas

Extra Room in Your Apartment: How About These Ideas?

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A lot of apartments have some sort of bonus space. And a lot of renters have questions while looking for extra room ideas. It isn’t quite a bedroom, not really an office, and definitely not a living room. It could be in the basement, or maybe the attic as well (if you’re renting a single […]

Renting Month to Month After Lease Ends: Should You Do It?

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There are two options that a tenant and landlord can choose between when the rental lease term approaches a close: renewing the lease or entering a month-to-month agreement. So, what do you do? Sign it? Ask your parents? Look for a new place? Well, signing a new lease for a year or renting month to […]

Living In The City vs. The Suburbs: What’s Your Choice?

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Nowadays, more families are choosing to live in the suburbs instead of the city. This is because houses are bigger in the suburbs than in the city. Arguably, the quality of life in the suburbs is also better. Brokers trying to convince clients to buy property should consider the following pros and cons of living […]

Renters Insurance Companies

New-Age Renters Insurance Companies Every Millennial Should Know

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Finding and moving into an apartment is an exciting time, but it comes with a lot of new responsibility — one of those responsibilities being renters insurance. You may be thinking, “Doesn’t my landlord have insurance that covers me?” It’s a common misconception when renting. While you aren’t legally required to buy renters insurance (some […]