3 Key Tips To Work Better With Your Movers

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Moving can be a very exciting experience — it offers the chance to start fresh in a new apartment or neighborhood. Less exciting, however, is the actual process of moving your belongings to a new place. Even after hiring professional help to ease the potential headaches, you may still find yourself encountering hassles. Some dismayed […]

5 Ways to Give Your Apartment a Makeover on a Budget

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Giving an apartment a makeover is never easy and, in most cases, it’s not usually cheap. Property makeovers, whichever way you look at it, cost money. That said, it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. No matter the size of your apartment, there are always quick and innovative ways to help spruce up your […]

Smart Home Technology

How to Use Smart Home Technology While You’re Renting

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More and more people are bringing smart products into their homes to make their spaces more secure and their lives more convenient. But just because you aren’t a homeowner, doesn’t mean you have to miss out on smart home tech if you live in an apartment. Even if you’re renting an apartment, you can still […]

Rent vs. Buy: A Unique Perspective

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Buying a home is one of the most important – and most expensive – decisions you will ever make in your life. No wonder so many Americans are hesitant to buy their own home, taking into consideration the high property prices, the sometimes unaffordable mortgages, and the state of the economy. Many smart people decide […]

Rent Control

Rent Control In California: How It Impacts Your Life

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If you live in California, you are probably getting annoyed with the entire rent control story. I mean, there has to be a cap on how high the rent can go, right? This growing financial burden has been protested, it has been appealed, reviewed and even criticized. Yet things seem to only be getting worse. […]