How to Find a Qualified Mover

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How to find the most qualified mover for your apartment move? Is Googling “moving company” really the best way of finding a mover for your apartment move? Sure you will find a zillion moving companies, but how do you know if it’s a mover you can trust? One who knows how great you look in […]

Studio apartment

Choosing an Apartment: What Factors Should You Focus On?

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Like most people who’re on the market for property, whether for rental or purchase purposes, you probably feel confused at the lack of distinction between a loft, a condo and a studio apartment. You see, all of these three options are quite similar which makes choosing either one a difficult process. However, the good news […]

Keyless Entry Systems

Why Install A Keyless Entry System In Your Rental Apartment?

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As technology continues to develop and evolve, many facets of human experience are changing as well, and this includes the way in which we keep ourselves safe and protected. The keyless entry system is one example of how technology is having an impact on our lives. Today, most apartment complexes are opting for a SmartLock […]

Top Moving Company Answers the Most Commonly Asked Moving Questions

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As one of life’s most stressful events, moving to a new residence takes patience, organization and help from professionals who care about your home and belongings. We spoke to our good friends at Gentle Giant Moving Company to answer some common moving questions, from expenses, to prep and the big day. Why should I hire […]

[NATIONAL REPORT] Have Rent Prices Stabilized Nationwide?

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We previously indicated that in July, the 2018 rent decrease trend had reversed, and we watched that continue into September. Our October rent report for 2018 brings us different news, however, as median national one-bedroom units decreased a possibly insignificant .2 percent but decreased nevertheless. Two-bedroom units posted a more interesting 2.7 percent loss as […]