Make your furniture double as storage

Smart Renovations for Boosting the Appeal of Your Rental

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Rental property renovation can be quite an exciting task but it should also be done prudently and carefully. Your biggest concern as a landlord is always the cost and without a good plan and a few nifty remodeling tricks, you can easily break the bank.  Surely, there’s always the worry of tenants damaging your investment, […]

Moving Anxiety & 4 Feelings Everyone Faces When Moving

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Moving to a new place is about more than just transferring your property from one place to the next; it’s about moving your entire life and, in many cases, it’s to have a fresh start. Moving out anxiety is a real thing; trust us. There’s often a new job or opportunity involved, and the further […]

During your apartment search, keep green building tactics on your “to find” list.

Top-10 Greenest U.S. Cities for Renters

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69% of Americans are worried about climate change, based on a NY Times poll taken in 2018. However, the whole country is moving toward eco-friendly practices. The following cities don’t just engage in green initiatives, they encourage residents to adopt the lifestyle too.  They take part in bike programs, locally sourced food, and more. These […]

Dog Friendly Apartment

Renting With a Dog: The Ultimate Guide (2019 Updates)

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Dog ownership and city living might not always be the easiest match, but with the right approach, you don’t have to give up on keeping a furry friend.  By being considerate of the needs of your landlord, neighbors and of course, your dog, you can definitely find an apartment that’s perfect for you and your […]