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[Rent Report] Rent Prices Rise (Insignificantly) in February

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In January we reported that apartment rents had continued their moderate rise and that trend—albeit muted at best, continued into February with gains that we could call statistically insignificant. Let’s get into the details. 1-Bedroom Apartments Median one-bedroom units posted only a small 0.37 increase to a median rent of $1090, up just $4.00 from […]

[Rent Report] Volatile One-Bedroom Units Rise to End 2019

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In November we reported that one-bedroom units showed a healthy increase and that two-bedroom units followed that trend. In December we saw that: One-bedroom apartment rents continued to rise. Two-bedroom rents decreased slightly. One-bedroom gainers and losers showed more volatility. The Detroit one-bedroom market is hot. Let’s get into it: 1-Bedroom Apartments Median one-bedroom apartments […]