Alphabetical Directory of Cities in California

 Largest Cities in California

California, the most populous state in the nation, has numerous metropolitan areas where you can find a variety of apartment rentals. Los Angeles, which offers excellent nightlife and entertainment, is the largest city by population and there you can find apartments offered at a range of prices. San Diego, Sacramento, and San Jose also are large urban areas with affordable housing and local attractions.

Other Large Cities in California

While renters can choose from apartments in many of California’s largest cities, there a many smaller metropolitan centers where people can find great deals. Some of these popular cities include Huntington Beach, Berkeley, and Chula Vista. Rental options run the gamut in those communities and many others.

Information about California

Many of California’s beautiful communities offer tons of great apartments. Regardless of whether you’re a beach-goer of a big fan of the snow, this West Coast state has rental options for just about everyone. There also are plenty of places to enjoy across California’s massive landscape, as its the 3rd largest state in the country by total land area.

Not only does California have one of the highest percentages of total land in the nation, but it’s also the largest state by total population. The U.S. Census Bureau says that about 37 million people reside in this Pacific Coast state. California runs the gamut on employment opportunities, including those in arts and entertainment, energy solutions, and high-tech industries. Also known as Cali or the Golden State, California has several highly ranked educational institutions such as Stanford University.

Aside from schools and jobs, California offers recreational activities for enthusiasts of all kinds. Residents and visitors can take trips to protected land areas like Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Park or venture to the top of Mount Whitney, which is the tallest mountain in continental United States. There also are places to ski and surf – or you can even retreat to wine country in Napa Valley. Athletics are a big part of life in California and residents have a slew of professional and college sports teams that they could cheer for. Regardless of whether you’re looking to start a new career or will soon retire to the West Coast, renting in California might be the option for you.