4 Easy Ways to Bring Down Your Heating Bill This Winter

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Autumn is here, meaning that winter is just around the corner! Though we all love cozy fireplaces, the beauty of fresh fallen snow, and a good cup of hot cocoa, what we don’t love so much is the price of our heating bills. If you live in an older apartment, this can take a huge toll on your wallet during the winter months. Of course, the easiest way to lower your heating bill is to turn down the thermostat, but you don’t want to freeze to death either! Here are some quick ways to make living in your apartment a little more tolerable during the winter, all while lowering the number of your heating bill.

Fill in All the Cracks

Rugs don't have to be confused with your cat to hold heat in!

Rugs don’t have to be confused with your cat to hold heat in!

If you have any cracks or possible sources where heat can escape your apartment – under the doors, at the seams of windows, and through the hardwood floor – you want to seal those up ASAP! Luckily, you don’t have to make any pricey renovations or destroy the terms of your lease to do this!

The door is the main entrance and exit to the outdoors. Though you may think you’re closing the door securely behind you, there is always air escaping underneath the door. You can find draft guards at various hardware stores or, if you want a cheaper option, simply shove an extra blanket or thick towel underneath the door. Kill those drafts and save your energy bill! This is also a great option if you want one room in particular to stay warm.

The same rule applies to windows. If you’re in an older apartment with windows that will barely shut, be sure to stop up those cracks! Washcloths usually work better than towels or blankets in this case. Always keep in mind that you can also contact your landlord about the problem and let them know that repairs need to happen for the sake of both your heating bill and your bodily well being!

Believe it or not, heat even escapes through the cracks in hardwood floors and is absorbed by concrete and other hard flooring. Though you may think it’s counter-intuitive to cover up beautiful floors that you love, during the winter time they’re a drain on your resources. Get some thick rugs and place them where you spend the majority of the time, like the bedroom and living room. It will make a noticeable difference in the room temperature.

Insulate Any Glass Windows or Doors

Plastic-wrapped windows

Don’t wait until you’re living in an igloo to warm up your home!

Perhaps you’ve covered all your bases as far as cracks go, but you’re still not happy with your heating bill. Have big windows or sliding glass doors with big panes of glass? Those features may be lovely for overlooking the beautiful outdoors and letting in natural sunlight during warm weather, but during cold weather they’re giant heat-sucks.

Don’t have extra thick windows or glass doors? Luckily there’s a few DIY ways to add extra insulation. The easiest and most budget-friendly way is to buy some plastic window insulators. It’s basically plastic wrap that you adhere to your window frames with a hair dryer. If you’re willing to drop a few extra dollars, you can also grab some insulated curtains to put a barrier between the heat inside and the cold outside. The latter option is a bit more visually appealing and a great excuse to change up the decor of a room!

Warm Up the Bed

Dog under covers

Get warm by bundling up

Maybe you love the cold. Maybe you feel like the only place where you need to feel warm is when you’re snuggled under the covers. Unfortunately, some winters are so cold that even covers can’t keep it out. So how can you keep your sleeping place a retreat from the harsh weather outside? Well, there are a multitude of options to explore.

One tried, true, and budget-friendly way to a warm bed is by using hot water bottles. Place a few of them at the bottom of the bed. Not exactly the most glamorous road to warmth, but it’s budget-friendly and easy. Care about the future of the planet? This is a great way to go! Put any old water bottles you have laying around to use instead of throwing them away.

Not feelin’ the hot water idea? Then buy a heated mattress pad! This will keep your bed nice and toasty beneath the covers, allowing you to turn down the thermostat and save a few bucks while you sleep!

Bring On the Humidity

Alcohol in humidifier

Yeah, don’t do this…

Another great way to keep your heating bill down during the winter is by putting in a humidifier. This may sound gross to you if you dislike the hot stickiness that comes with summer time in some regions. But don’t fret! Having a humidifier increases the amount of moisture in the air just enough to make the heat in your home seem a little warmer and stick around for a little longer. It won’t make your apartment feel like a swamp. A humidifier is also a great idea for those prone to dry skin during the winter. They’re a little pricey, but they can really make a difference in the long run!

Just don’t try to smoke alcohol out of it. Really. You’ll probably die.



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