Best Apartment Tech to Spice Up Your Space

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You’ve finally got your apartment, moved in, put up some décor, and settled in. What’s next? Find some awesome gadgets to enhance your life and impress your friends! There are new products coming out every day to add a little spice to your space, but here’s our list of favorites. Some of this apartment tech will make your day much easier and some of it will simply make you look cool. The outcome is desirable either way.

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Running Alarm Clocks
If you’re one of those people that is addicted to the snooze button and/or sleeps through every alarm, then you might want to consider getting a running alarm clock. Running alarm clocks are attached to wheels, allowing them to roll around the room when it goes off. It will continue to barrage you with obnoxious noises until you run around the room, catch it, and turn it off.

Some running clocks – like Nanda Home’s Clocky– are merciless. You get one snooze button press, but after that, all bets are off.


Towel Warmers
Avoiding that shower you’ve been meaning to take for three days? Yes, but only because it’s freezing in the house and the idea of getting out the shower dripping wet makes you cringe. What’s the best solution to this problem? A towel warmer, of course!

You can find small, racks or bin shaped towel warmers at some appliance stores and on Amazon. It’s luxurious spa amenity you can easily use at home and it won’t take up a lot of space. You can also use for clothing, especially gloves and hats before braving cold weather.

Tracking Devices

Are you always struggling to find your keys? Does your roommate constantly misplace the remote? If you can’t find your wallet in your giant laundry pile, then where the $%^# is it? Tracking devices for everyday items in your home are becoming more and more affordable.

Trackers like StickR TrackR and The Tile allow you to attach little GPS chips to various valuables and track them via Smartphone app. The Tile even allows you to communicate with members of your family and close friends, so they can find your lost items as well.

Silent Fan
Though some may need the sound of moving fan blades to lull them to sleep at night, others have yearned for a quietly effective fan. Dyson’s Air Multiplier does just that. It is a puzzling sight to behold at first, because there are no blades – yet strong wind comes out of the simple hoop. These fans are compact, powerful, and even decorative. They can be controlled by remote control or programmed to turn on and off at particular times.

Yea, you could get that nifty Dyson vacuum, but that doesn’t sound nearly as relaxing.





Home Theater Projector
Get out the popcorn and candy, ‘cause it’s movie time! Home theaters aren’t just reserved for the rich and famous. You can make one right in your apartment. Projectors can get a bit pricey, but luckily, projectors haven’t changed much over the years. If you get a model that is just a few years old, you can pay less without compromising on video quality.

Or splurge and pick up a BenQ W1070. Not only is this bad boy sport a beautiful 1080p HD image. It also is 3D-compatible, which is excellent for watching great flicks that you might have missed at the theatre like Gravity.  Regardless, if you’re a movie buff that loves to frequent the local theater, then this little baby will pay for itself within a year. Having a projector may not be as “techy” as an LCD screen, but projectors are more versatile, often have better picture quality, and will give you a more theater-like vibe.

Stream It
You dropped a few ducats on that HD projector, so wouldn’t it be nice if you had some good content to stream to it?

For about the cost of couple of pizzas, you can add Google’s Chromecast to your projector (or any other HDMI-compatible screen) and then stream almost anything – including Netflix, YouTube, Pandora and Hulu – from your phone, tablet or laptop.

Futuristic Sound System
Nothing pulls an apartment together quite like a great sound system. Right now, wireless speakers are all the rage and there is a reason for it. These are just as versatile as your iPod boom box, only with better sound quality and the ability to crank up the tunes without distortion.

Speakers like the Sonos Play:1 are wireless, can be placed anywhere in the home and you can expand with multiple units to fill your whole apartment. If you truly want to get “in touch” with your music, place a compact, wireless subwoofer under your bed. It will add a new dimension to your listening experience.

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