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8 Tips for Living in a Tiny Apartment with a Puppy

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After searching with Abodo, you’ve finally found your perfect pet-friendly apartment. There’s just one problem: It’s tiny. Will you have enough space to raise the puppy you’ve been eyeing, or will you have to settle for a goldfish instead? Raising a puppy in a small apartment can be challenging, but it’s far from impossible. With […]

October Rent Prices

[Rent Report] October Rent Prices Stall Across America

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Last month we reported that one- and two-bedroom apartments grudgingly moved upward. In October, however, the market has hit the proverbial wall once again, as national median rents are virtually the same as they were in September. One-bedroom units gained a weak 0.18 percent while two-bedroom units moved up a minuscule 0.08 percent. 1-Bedroom Apartments […]

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