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Congratulations! You’re a student at one of the best universities in PA. Though on-campus living can provide a unique experience all its own, eventually the time comes to explore bigger and better things. Finally deciding to take your Pitt experience off campus grounds? That’s great! This can be a great option for saving some money because of the abundant amount of affordable housing in the city.

Now comes the trouble of actually finding an off-campus apartment. Luckily, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got hundreds of apartments near University of Pittsburgh and we’ve made it super easy to find a great place!

Pittsburgh is not only home to Pitt, but a number of other colleges as well, including Carnegie Mellon, Duquesne University, and Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Competition for apartments tailored to college students can be fierce. They say the early bird gets the worm and this is certainly true for apartment searching. It’s essential to begin looking in November and ideal to snatch up a place before peak season in May/June. Of course, if you’re coming to the party a little late, you still have some hope for finding a good place until August. After this point, pickings may be slim.

Search 100s of Apartments Near University of Pittsburgh!

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So you have the timing down, but Pittsburgh is a big place. Where should you go from here? The most popular neighborhoods for students in Pittsburgh is Oakland, which is located right by the University. However, if you’re looking for a more traditional residential housing, there are many other neighborhoods to choose from! If you’re a grad student, Squirrel Hill or Shadyside tend to be popular options. Always consider your transportation situation and price range when selecting a good neighborhood for you. To discover more about residential Pittsburgh, check out Abodo’s Pittsburgh Neighborhood Guide.

If you’re curious about your prospective landlord’s history or reputation, contact Pitt’s Off-Campus Living office via email or phone. They can provide you with more information about landlords who usually offer student housing or work well with students. Though it’s unlikely, if you run into any legal troubles with your landlord, you can always consult Pitt’s Legal Information department.

If you’re finding yourself at a loss for apartment roomies, then take advantage of Pitt‘s roommate matching services. You can find potential roommate listings on their website, along with some tips for selecting a roommate. In order to get added to the list yourself, you must fill out an application for Off-Campus Living to post in their database. This service can also be useful is you ever plan to sublet your room in the future (just make sure you check in with your landlord first!)

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